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Posted: 10 years ago
Pri ek suggestion tha is k liye, thoda typing format me change kar lo kyounki baatein clear nahi ho paa rahi hai is me. I mean para change kar diya karo aur saath hi saath thoda spell me bhi modification kar do is se readers ko samajhne me aasani hogi.
well nice update. Raj ne sahi kaha Naina ko aisa koi kadam abhi nahi uthana tha but i know Raj kuch na kuch kar k bacha hi lega us ko. Lala abhi bhi nahi sudhara na, na hi kabhi sudharega.
update soon.

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Posted: 10 years ago
hey plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz    update !!!
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Posted: 10 years ago
Pls post the next part dear.
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Posted: 10 years ago
here is the update......
Dey all managed to set d things up'.!!
Dey wiped all proofs frm derr'.!!and started for jungle house'!!
Raj called  abhimanyu..hello..chauhan..uha ka kya haal hai'!!
Iha maine inko brigg chandook ke hawale kar dia'aur filhal sabhi lock up me hai'iha jo sabut mile unse prove hota hai..yeh log desh ke khilaf illegal activites me majud the'aur capt rajveer ko frame kie the'and colonel shakti Chandra ko kidnap kie the'isbaareme saare sabut mil gaye'par navin ke case ka koi sabut nehi mila'!!aur capt nandiny ki vi koi atapata nehi hai'uske against koi proof vi nehi mile'!!!!
Tera uha kya haal hai raj'naina'cadets yhik hai na'.
Raj stops for a while and after som moments speaks out'no'..bhargav is dead'!!
Wat'abhimanyu'shocked'hoe'did u kill him'!!
Raj silent'.
Come on raj'hav faith in me'
As raj was coming back wid guyz'.he hear a familiar voice frm his back ground'somewhere in d jungle'!............good morning capt..rajveer sing shekhawat'!!how ya doing now''a femail voice greeted him'!
It was 5.00 am onwards'.
Raj stopped'as if he has been statued'
A lady comes out behind a tree'.wearing a blue shirt'..and a offwhite pant'her fig seems very measured'her reflecting frm her body language'!..she has a ponytail wid her hairs'!...golden complection'!!..light brown eyes'.dathas a special shine'dat reflects her intellect'.every thing is fine'except her smile'she has a smile'dat generally'make feel awkward d cadets..along wid raj!
Raj'mutters nandiny'!!...allmost unknowingly'.wat r u doing here'..!!!
Ya'!!dats really nice'so u can remember me'still now'I m impressed raj'!!in quite a sarcastic tone'!!...ahh..!.fine..she puts her hands in her waist!
Doesn't know y'naina..smelled something fishy!!...she looked at rajveer'whos face was pale'seeing d lady'..!!
Ya'offcourse'how can I forget u 'capt nandiny'.!!!..raj sounded better'!!though his face muscles has been fixed'.!!
Hummm'thanks raj'..!!..but kyat um apni cadets se..mujhe introduce nehi karwaoge'????she pressed stress on cadets'intentionally'!!she kept her eyes fixed on naina'!!
Raj remarked almost unwillingly'.she is capt nandiny''our former batchmate in kma''..noticing d way'.she is glaring at naina'!
Nandiny carts him in midway n adds'.and a very close frend of capt rajveer'specially'.!!
Naina raised her eyebrows a lil'listening d tone of commenting'but kept silence'as raj pressed her waist a bit'dat he had kept in her waist while walking'!
Raj kept silence'so as others'.he gestured other cadets to move on derr way'to home'as he wanted to talk to nandiny alone'.
Nandiny staring hard at derr way...
So'.u r not happy seeing me alive'hummm'but disappoint u'!!..rajeev sarcastic'his voice reflected'..hatred..!!
I m not'.nandiny chuckled'.she is upto something'..rajveer gussed dat'but couldn't understand'.

Nandiny'glaring'confused rajveer'who is tryin best to keep his facial expression calm'
So'.maine suni hai' cadet naina tumhare  kaafi kareeb hai'.!!
Rajeev'expressionless'but wondered y she is rising d topic'.!!...she was always after him'at d training dayz of kma'.she was crazy abt rajveer'rajveer'considered her always a frend'nothing more dan dat'! wat'.after so many things she is talking abt rajveers love'!!!!!!!!...
Nope'.its not so simple'.some other reason surely exists behind dis'!!
He glared'.fixed at her'silently..'waiting for her to speak up'
So'.ur cadet naina'ahhh'lemme correct myself'ur beloved is a murderer of a high ranking army officer'.emm not bad''.!!!...she brutally announced'.!!
Her each sentence made raj veer'.statues'.he fixed his fists''he has got it''she is d eye witness'of d whole thing'!...ahhh'.

Ahhh'. Directly on d right track'.cummon raj'..mujhe kya chahiye'kuch nehi'.bas''''''''''''''''''''''''''''..!!!!!!!!!
She said something'.dat made rajveer slap her'.but she get d hold of his raised hand'.think captain'think'.!!!!
Rajveer'knocked a tree to burst out his anger'dis woman'will never stop'she has again came to ruin derr life'and he is so helpless'..!!!!!!!!his anger  rolled in his mind'.she is a bloody blackmailer'.!naina ko kuch nehi hona chahiye'.i will nvr let any harm to happen wid naina'his frustration'has no way out of release'!!he looked at nandiny'..eyes full of  anger n hatred''!
His fist started bleeding but he hardly feel d pain'!!!


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Posted: 10 years ago
hiiiiiiiiii guys so sorry for late updating........
xams chal rahi thi
guys plzzzzzz help me
when i update fic, update coloum se bahar aa jaata hai and
font bhi change ho jaate hai plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me
wat i do?????????
plzzzzzzzzz reply
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Posted: 10 years ago
Superb update but iye nandini kaya karna chahthi hain.mein daar rehi hoon,pls don't separate raj and naina.
Continue soon dear.
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Posted: 10 years ago
update to bohot accha tha par ye Nandini kaha se aa gayi???
hope RN will be safe...update soon
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