lrl by reet fic(RN fic) epi 39 updated 30/10/

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hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guysssssssssss

im priyanka and i get lrl by reet complete
fic many of members read dis fic bt coz of some prob fic is not updated if u wanna read dis fic den i will start updating soooo plzzzzz  reply i will update fic or not. dis is the link of lrl by reet fic.
i get reply den i will updateing after last update sooooo guyssss plzzzzz reply
did i start?? Confused
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Posted: 10 years ago
yeah please continue
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Posted: 10 years ago
hey dear plz continue it
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Posted: 10 years ago
Pls continue dear.I read this ff first and It's mindblowing ff.pls pls continue soon dear.
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Posted: 10 years ago
hiiiiiiiii guys im start updateing fic here is the updateWinkWinkWink
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Hey thats Gr888 thanks plzzzzzzzzzzz update soon
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Raj forced his lips into hers'lips'licked dem'pressed dem hard..wid his..he sucked d lips..upper n lower individually'he deepened d kiss'.
Naina'gasping for breath'as she was frm a awakward position'..raj leaves her instantly'.and separating himself'gets up'.and heads outside'.
Naina'smiles'and follows him'.notices'he is standing'in d ground'its raining heavily'so heavy'dat she cant see his face'clrly..thogh she is just a 2 foots away frm him'she gets down..and comes close to him'and holds him frm back...
Mujhe chodke chale aaye 'and slips her his shirt''..she scraches his chest'from his back'dat aroused him so much'he holds d hand dat is passing current thru his body'.and by helding her wrist'pulls her in front of him'she'mischievously says'.kya baat hai'MR shekhawat'.ajkal bada control santrol bad goya hai'.yoga classes attain kar rahe ho'..
?? he cant help but smiles'and says..uuhun'..MRS SHEKHAWAT  ajkal mujhe peyar hi nehi karte'
Accha'chale andar'thand lag jayegi raj'.chalo'
She pulls him inside by holding his hand'and lockes d door frm inside'
And turns back to him'..
She steps forward to raj..raj's heartbeat grew more faster'.dey r drenched completely'.but feeling hot'as dey can feel each others breath on each others face'naina'cupped his face'.and starteds kissing him'wildly'.passionately'she kissed him'as if burning him'she deepen d kiss more as raj started responding'he bit her lip'and enterd her mouth'he sucked her..rolled his tongue in d black of her mouth''she pressed her self to him'.raj cluched her back'and draw her more n more close to him'he pressesd her waste'he rubbed her back'her neck'.he started kissing her almost bare shoulder'he kissed her nape..he kissed her coller bone..and lifted his lips upward by rubbing it thru her neck..she started moaning..'and again continued d kiss'he increased d vigour of d kiss.. '..dey drew each other more close as d intimacy provoked dem to do it'naina'slipped her hand under his wet shirt'.rubbed her fingers'she is now totally turned on'so as he'.
She started unbuttoning his black t shirt'..
She herself wearing a purple colored noodles top spaghetti top'and a patiyala type white  Capri'
He helps her to strip off his shirt'almost unknowingly'he is looking damn s**y now'he is half n**e now....'she started kissing his bare chest '.he couldn't control himself'he stopped her and lifted her by holding her under her waist and knees'.he placed her on his bed'.and him sat on her waist'he started making love'.she moaned hard'as he slipped d noodles of d top frm her shoulder..and kissed her bare hand and shoulder'he'pressed himself harder to her'he cupped d delicate part of her body'and ''..

He cupped her breast'.in his palm'.she shivered bitterly'moaned'.and clung to raj'but raj pushed her in d bed'.and hold her top'and looked in her eyes for

her hand streached'he bent on her'..he rubbed his lip'on her cleavage'he tries to stripp everything off frm her'but fails'naina smiles..and does it herself'she stripped of d last peace of cloth frm her upside'he stoped breathing'he gazed her beauty''he moved his hands..on her bare'n***d body'he bent on her'and cupped her soft flesh in his hand'he bent down his face on her body'licked her every whr'kissed her'wid a passion'dey became wild'he rubbed himself..wid her bare body'badly kissed her..'bit her every soft part'.she moaned badly'..and completely beyond control'she rolled on him'and now she is on top'she bit his nape..bit him in his mascular shoulder'bit his neck'and scrached his chest bitterly'.blood lines came out'he rolled on her..and cupped her breast in his mouth'..d love making grew wild wid time'

she hold his belt'to untie it'.but raj'shooked his head'derr should be some limits not to cross'd time hasn't come yet..she understands'she also hold his hand'.dat piping in her lower waist'just piped under her Capri'
dey hugged each other tightly'.and naina'slept on him'on his bare mascular chest ..after half n hour peacefully''so as raj'dozed off wid a smile in his lips'.

Dey slept until d door bell rang'..

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Raj gets up hurriedly'wraps naina'wid her clothes'and takes her inside'.naina wakes up'in btn dis'and feels she is on rajs arms'floating in d air'she wraps her hands round his neck'.raj smiles and kisses her fore head'and says bacchi'kapre pahenlo'alekh aaya hai'.!!!
Naina..smiles silently'and nodds'!!!!!
Raj'lies her down'in d bed'and heads outside'.to open d door..!!!!!
Aleks wonders outside wats happening'!!..y so late..?...but doesn't speaks up'!!
As raj opens d door he gets inside'wid a grin on his face'
Raj understands'but doesn't say anything'.grins back'in reply'.
And asks'whrs huda n puja'!!...
Sir who jeep me kuch probs aarahe wohlog gharke piche wohi jkeep park karke dekh rahe hai'..
Raj gets serious'!..kuch mila'cadet?..any information'
Ha sir'yeh prasant meheta  koi'rahemaan ke bohot kareeb hai'.aur kuch log rahemaan ko kayi baar govt car me safar karte dekh chukka hai'..!!!!...
Rahemaan '.yeh naam 'emmm'..maine kahi suna hai'.is naam ko'raj presses his forehead wid his fingers''yaad nehi aaraha hai'
Alekh'gets serious'accha ya bura kuch to yaad hai,,,'?
Raj leaves d matter and says nahhh'kuch nehi'sayed dekhunga to pahe chan lunga'
Ahhh'dats good'kiunki apun ne ek admiko fix karke aya hai'jo rahemaan ke tasveer mereko dega'
Good job cadet'raj patts his shoulder'.
Huda n puja enters'.
Hare qaidi'tere baat sahi nikla'Ab garage me hi dena hoga..Mere baski baat nehi'jeep ab ek meter vi nehi jayega'huda gives up wid d jeep'
Okk..cadet u guyz just freshen up ur self'mai kal dekh lunga'..naina'kaha ho..inlogonko vukhlagi hai'jaldi karo'..
Off ho'rukie to sahi''naina answers from kitchen..!!!!
Den rajs mobile rings'.
Raj picks it up'
Ha chauhan bol'
Tu picha kar'.mai abhi atat hu'he heads towards door'and stops'ohh s**t'.!!!
Not possible'!!!! kharab hai'
yaar tu follow kar'mai kaise vi pahuchta hu'
Janta hu yaar mai pahuch jayunga'its 8 pm..i will reach by 9.30pm..'n I need to talk to u abt d progress'.!!.i mean...
ok do wait for me at d dhava'!!
Raj hangs up d phone and looked tensed
Naina'.he heads towards kitchen'.
Everybody noticed derr intimacy'..
But'.kept silent'.caz dey deserved dis'all of dem were happy'seeing dem happy'..huda at least tried continuously to be happy'to show himself happy'for phulan'..time has made him more matured ..more sensible '

Naina'suno..mai ambala ja raha hu'raj says naina hurriedly'
Magar jeep to'.naina.. carts him in midway''
Ha mai janta hu'par jana jaruri hai'chauhan major nair ke piche hai'who unhe follow kar raha hai'.woh chahta tha maivi uske sath chalu'par sayed mai waqt pe pahuch nehi payunga'par use kuch aur vi pata chala hai'.raj pauses for a moment'and den continues'I hav to go naina'I hav to discuss many things wid him'meri fikr mat karna'mai tumhare paas aajayunga wapas'tum apna khayal rakhna..aur iha sabka khayal rakhna'aur mobile apne pas rakho..
Magar'iski jarurat apko jyada hai'naina..tries to convince him'
Nehi mai chauhan ke sath rahunga'woh mujhe dhabe se pick up kar lega'mob tum rakho'
Raj kisses her in her forehead   .....take care bacchi'mai chalta hu'.bye'
Naina'holds her hand job hi ho tum mujhe khabar kar dena raj'.suno'mai tumhe capt abhimanyu ke ph pe contact karungi'take care raj'please take care'.naina sees him off from..d barandah'..lifts her hand to bid him good as raj'.
Naina comes back in d room'.her intuition is saying something is going to happen'she goes inside seeing her tensed every body follows her inside'.
Kya hua naina'tu kayeko tension le rahi hai'..alekh puts his hand on her head'.
Oye phulan tu ghabra mat'kucch nehi hoga'.Capt. sirko'..
Ha naina'humsab hamesha tere sath hai'..
Naina tries to say dem something but stops suddenly as she notices d revolver piping under d pillow'..ohh god'.sir to revolver lena hi vul gaye''she rushes outside'.but it was too late to reach him'she kept d revolver in her waist..under her t-shirt'
She came back inside'.
Sits btn her frenz'..
Raj walking fast thru d jungle'..his mind is busy'a thought is rolling in his mind'.he is also feeling d same feelings'something is going to happen'''!!!!!!!
He walks fast'..after one hour he reached dhaba'.he finds a dark suitable place for'..himself'..waiting for abhimanyu'. Abhimanyu is making so late'wads wrong wid him'is he fine'.its 10 pm..he nvr did dis before'.he is after nair'.rajs mind rolls wid several thoughts'.

Naina'sitting in d hall..dey havnt taken d food'as raj hasn't'.dey tries to talk..but d silence is getting more heavy on each of dem'..
Time passes by 'everybody is waiting'''
One n half n hour passed'..suddenly d phone rings'in naina's hand'
??hum avi pahuchte hai'.naina'turns to huda alekh n puja..'!!!
Raj tries to call abhimanyu frm a booth'..near d dhaba'.
D called subscriber is either switched off or not reachable''
Wads wrong wid his phone'raj more tensed'
And den only'abhimanyus jeep reaches derr'raj rushes to him'kaha rahe goya tha yaar'mai bohot darr goya tha'.sabkuch thik to haina'.chauhan kuch bolta kiu nehi'.
Ha'tera mobile kaha hai'.??...
Abhimanyu stiffens his face'..he holds rajs hand and tells him to get up in d car'widout replying to any of his questions'.

Kya baat hai chauhan'.tu kuch bolta kiu nehi'raj has got it something is wrong wid him'may be he has seen d boss today'!!!!!!!!..not may be its'it cant be..den he would hv tellme dat'raj gets impatient'.
He yells jeep rukh'chauhan'mai tujhe acchitarah janta hu'tu kuch kahena chahta hai'bolde'chauhan'.
Arc stops d car suddenly'and climbs down of d it..he a side'facing back raj'.
Wad happened abhi'.tellme'.raj shooks him by his shoulder'arc  turns backand yells 'tu janta hai'insabke piche kaun hai'!!!...tu janta hai'kisne navin ko faswa tha'tu janta hai'kisne bus me bomb rakha tha'.tu janta hai kisne colonel Chandra ko kidnap kia tha'.
??...arc takes a pause'and den continues'..tu janta hai kisne tujhe maarwane ki kosish kia'.
Raj : kaun'.kaun hai who'.bataa abhi'.bol'chup kiu hai'bol''.

 LALAJEE 'lala gehelat'.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raj slaps him tight'!!!!!!!
Tujhe pata hai kya bola tune'.!!!!...chauhan'mere godfather hai woh '!!
Ha 'aur is desh ka dushman'..mai apni aankhonse dekha hai raj'.unlogone mujhe bas dekh hi lia tha'vagte vagte'meri mobile kahi girgayi'aur kho gayi'.maine usme pura vedio record kia tha'.par kismet'wovi goya'
Raj steping back'shooking his head'nehi'.aisa nehi ho sakta...tujhse kahi galti huyi hai'
Aisahi hai raj'khudko samhal'hamare pas waqt bohot kam hai'aur vi bohot sare baat hai''.NANDINY isme samil thi''.navin ke mamleme'tujhe fasaneme'woh lalajee ko barabar madat karti aayi hai'
Raj tu mere sath chal'.kal shamko lalajee ihase vag rahe hai'redbox ke contents'aur saare sabut lekar'raj'chal'.humein jo kuch karna hai'aj raat ko hi karna hai'.

Raj tries to controls himself from d shock'.nandiny'.nandiny bhi'woh na kaheti thi'hum tin uske jaan hai..!!!!after sometime..he says'chal'he just going to climb d jeep'and remembers naina'.i hav inform her'she must be worried'
He calles her'''''frm a booth'''..
D ph is ringing'..nobody ..picks d ph up'.cummon naina'pick up d phone'
Raj dials again''.but d ph goes ringing'
Tries again n again'.but no body picks up''
Fed up raj hangs d ph'and joins abhimanyu''
Derr was nobody in d jungle home'..yudi n alekh called her'dey hav been able to get d papers'dey escaped from VDC'..major after dem''she tried to inform abhimanyu'but got d same'so she left a msg'.and went to save her frenz'.
Doesn't knowing''dis night will change derr lives forever'!!!!


kkkkkk guys here is the update i hope u like it

im waiting for ur comment



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