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Posted: 17 years ago
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Posted: 17 years ago
Can I do da 1st episode
Posted: 17 years ago
First Episode

The family comes bak from America. Radhika and Meenakshi are married.

They throw a party and the its a bollywood theme party. They have a person to pay for all the things. But he says he will pay only when the news and the television ppl come. But they are too busy at another party. So the sisters come up wid a plan. They call the press ppl and say that there is a lady she will suicide cuz they bars are closing. She has to feed her family.

So the news ppl come to their party and ask her questions. But she is on top of a thing and they cant hear her cuz of the music. N their aunt who is on top of the thing doesnt know about the suicide thing.

So the new ppl say they will guarantee them that they will b on da newpaper on page 3. So they tell them them the truth that it was all a plan so they show up. So at the end they tell us that Hum Paanch is bak with fun n excitement.

Sorri. I know dat the update doesnt really make any sense. Unhappy
Posted: 17 years ago
Originally posted by tafarruz

The show started with a new tittle video...kaafi cool tha!Tongue

okay...the episode started with Anand Mathur looking for his mobile
phone.While looking his fist wife (actress got replaced by Sudha
Chandra) calls him "Jaanoo" and flirts with him.Anand tells her that
she should be ashamed of herself for flirting at such an old age the
picture tells him that his "rekha" aka Beena is the boodhi not
her.Anand looks for the mobile and his 1st daughter runs down the
staircase chasing her daughter for not wanting to go to school.When
asked why sehe doesnt want to go to school, she says kidpanappers
kidnaps kids in Bhiar and might grab a train and come to Mumbai and
kidnap them.She adds that in order to get her back..Anand need so pay 5
laks to the kidnappers which will make him homeless...Beena will be
cooking on the street,Sweety will be made fun at..they will all live on
the street.She starts running again and Meenakshi starts to chase
her.Then comes her husband Purshatam...Puru..he calls Anand "Dules"
Anand tells him not to call him "Dules" cuz it reminds him and makes
him look like noodles.Puru looks for Meenakshi..he says he cant take a
shower without asking Meenakshi.The picture tells Anand that he doesnt
even drink water without asking Meenakshi.

Sweety gest up and goes wild with Sharukh Khan's pic.She starts ro play
around with it and the doorbell rings.She sings "Arre kaab tak jawani
chupaogi Rani..kunwaro ko kitna sataogi rani..kabhi to kisiki dul
haniya banogi..meri shaadi kaab hogi..ho meri shaadi kaab hogi" she
opens the door and her sister Radhika comes with her Punjabi Sardar
Hubby and a girl.Her husband couldnt recognize Sweety and called her
"Maasiji" Sweety fainted.Radhika's daughter took care of this and said
that Shahrukh Khan is waiting for her outside with his car.Sweety comes
cabk to sense and rushes outside.Radhika asks Anand why he is so
tense.Anand says he cant find his mobile phone.Radhika's hubby offers
to help by asking him where did he see it the last time.Anad says that
if he knew that he wouldnt be looking for it.He tells Anand to buy a
new phone.Anand asks Radhika what did she see in him that made her
marry him.Radhika runs and gest shy.The picture tells Anand that
Radhika is smart.Anand tells her to be quiet.The picture says that
other ghosts asks her what she saw in this fat guy and she says she saw
Anand Mathur in him.

Choti was telling her mother Beena a filmi story.Anand comes in there
and asks her if she saw his mobile.Choti says that its in her mom's
wallet.Anad tells her that sarees dont have wallets.Choti says thats
exactly why mom doesnt have his cell phonr cuz sarees dont have
wallet.Anand goes downstairs and sees Kajal talking on his cell
phone.When asked why..Kajal replies that Beena and Anand keeps on
complaining about their pone bills thats y Kajal used his cell phone to
make 200 calls.Kajal also tells him that tonight they'll be throwing a
party in filmi style for Page 3.

Everyone dresses up in a filmi way..Meenakshi is Phulan Devi,Radhika is
a girl from Rajhstan,Sweety wears leather clothing,Kajal is Munna Bhai
MBBS oops Kajal Bhai CCS fail.Beena dressed up as Paro from Devdas and
tells Anand to dress up as Devdas.The picture tells Anand that
Aishwariya Rai would faint and die in shock to see Beena dressing up as
Parvathi.Anand laughs to this.They all go to the filmi party where
their event manager introduces them to costume designer Sabina
Khala,Writer Sushma Day and Night.These are all duplicates of the
original people.Sweety gets mad that they made duplicates of SRK.Then
to make the page 3 news reporter come to their party...they come up
eith a plan.They make their next door neighbour Pooja aunty a bar
dancer and tells the reporters about her sad life.After the reportes
were done wrting down and taking picutres,Anand says that he and his
family did all this just for the page 3 to come here so the Mathur

The episode ended with fireworks on the sky saying:

This update is by tafarruz. I thought I shud post it here. Big smile Edited by CuteFairy91 - 17 years ago
Posted: 17 years ago
Originally posted by moondownstars

hi all
soriee for the delay tht was coz of some problems..

episode 3:
minakshi is talking to someone on the phone..and she seams to be
yelling at someone in the meanwhile kajal bhai and sweety come choti is
also present der..minakshii tells dem tht der is a kidnapper who tends
to kidnaap girls and make dem sit in the rickshaw and shave their
hair... and leave them(make dem takla)LOL she tells dem to come to the police station wid her so tht she can file a complain and find tht serial kidnapper..

they all go to the police station and they tell the police inspector
tth plz go and find this kidnapper odawise they will have to do
the inspector tells dem tth the kidnapper is mad..so sweety tells him
tht she wants to marry tht kidnapper coz even she is mad.. the police
inspector is like he is dangerous so sweety says thn i will marry u..LOLLOL
the inspector tells dem tht they have appointed a speacial officer for
this work and he will find and arrest tht kidnapper who shaves girls ka
hair and makes dem taklaLOLLOLthese
sisters ask dem tht who is this officer.. whn they r saying this PAAPE
enters( radhika's husband, and radhika is not in the police station)all
these gals r shocked seeing him der... thn the inspector asks dem tht
whether they know each oda.. so PAAPE says yes they r my salii's...

they all gather in a room and look at the mumbai map and they find tht
this kidnapper only kidnapps frm places begining wid "K" so they
suspect tht next he will be kidnapping in kandivali..LOLLOLnow
they want a girl who can beat this guyup whn he comes to kidnapp
her...so thn everybody looks at kajal... they all tell her to transform
into a girl.. she tells them NO first but thn she has to agree as she
is the strongest...

kajal gets a total makeover done frm the parlour and looks too gd...
she doesnt know how to walk wid the heals and so PAAPE holds her hand
and gets her out(none of the sisters r der wid dem..) whn he is
catching her hand RADHIKA (PAAPE'S WIFE AND KAJAL'S SIS) see them...
and is shoceked.

mathur unckle is shocked as kajal is out frm morning and the oda three
r sitting in thier room and not coming out he feels something is fishy..

crying crying radhika goes to her dad she tells her mom and dad the
whole story.. they r also shocked tht how cud kajal do all this to her
own sister..they tell her tth dont tell this to anyone and go to ur
house now we will see wht to do...

kajal comes wid heer all together new look.. they dont recognise her
first...beena and mathur unckle asks her tht where was she she tells
tht she was wid PAAPE.. and beena cries and tells tht how cud she do
this to her own sister adhika( having a affair wid her jijuLOLLOL)

hope u will enjoy this episode whn u see it...
will be posting the 4th episode also in sometime

Posted: 17 years ago
Originally posted by moondownstars

hi all

mathur house
door bell rings: sweety sings RAAT KO AUNGA MAIN TUJHE LE JAUNGA
MAIN... post man comes in... he gives back answers to kajal bhai and
hows her tht he isnt scared of her..
sushma comes in screaming minakshi wid her husband and tells her tht
her husband hits her..her husband gives minakshi warning and so
sushma gets scared and runs.. he isnt scared of minakshi..
kajal and minakshi both r shocked tht nowadays none is scared of dem..
chot tells dem tht after returning frm america their market value has
lowed down...

all 5 r sitting together in the hall and thinking wht to do...
mathur comes and is shocked to see all of them together.. he starts
talking to sudha chandran.. beena comes in and tells him tht he again
started talking to deewar?she has found a doctor for him this time..

its night time:
sudha chandran is gayab.. and the frame is empty...
she goes to sweety in her bedroom and tells her tht her atma is is
bhatkofying.. swetty is shocked and says abb kya?? sudha tells her tht
there is an exchange offer in heaven going on..if they send one aatma
to heaven thn thier moms aatma will get shanti.. sweety tells her tht
for her she can do anything..
sweety tells dem abt this dream of hers to all 5 of them in the
morning.. they all want their badi mom's aatma to be in peace so go to
kill somebody..

all 5 of
them in the night call the bhoot... aoa aoa(come come..).. sudha is
gayab and frme is empty again mathur uncle sees tht and is shocked..
sweety is continusly speaking so the aatma comes and tells her CHUP through alphabets..
thn sweety ke andar comes MOHAN MASKAKARI'S AATMA.. kajal is scared thn sweety tells tht she was jokingLOLLOL... aatma doesnt come..

they decide tth they will go on the road and throw the coin(toss) if
its heads thn they will kill tht person or if its.. tails they will
leave tht person..LOL
mathur uncle is talking to sudha.. he asks her tht where did she go to
last nite she tells hi she had gone to beauty parlour to staraighten
her hair...LOLLOL beena comes again and tells he reali has to go to a doctor...

pooja aunty calls dem.. she tells beena tht choti told her tht all 5
have gone to kill somebody.. for the shanti of their badi mom's aatma..
beena is happy tht her children r so sweetLOLLOL

on the road.. postaman comes kajal tells isko kill kate hain coz he
wasnt scared of her now.. tht postman again isnt scared and goes
away..he goes coz sweety gives him a hint..

mathur comes der and is shocked to see all of dem together.. these gals
arent finding any bakra..mathur askas dem yeh kya ho raha hai? sweety
tells humne travel agency kholi hai frm bombay to hellLOLLOLLOL
he tells dem tht he knows everything coz choti has told everybody here..they all r angry on choti..

mathur house:
mathur has called a inspector and tells him the whole scene the
inspector is not bothered and tells him tht whn the murder is done tht
time call me..

sweety minakshi kajal and radhika r standing on the road.. very sad..
mathur goes and tells dem tht he is ready to do khud khushi... and all of dem sayYESssssssssss
he wants to eat the mouse cake and been ais telling him no not to eat and all..
thn badi maa's aatma comes in beena and tells them tht all this was
just for time pass.. and it was so tht ppl get scared of dem..
and thn sushma calls up and tells tht his husband is pressing her feet
instead of hitting him coz he doesnt want minakshi to come der..
all r happy
Edited by CuteFairy91 - 17 years ago
Posted: 17 years ago
Episode - 6 - 20 November 2005, Sunday

Sweety and Babli get together to find a rishta for Sweety. Chhoti plays the planner who fixes a deal with a NRI grrom in exchange of 50 lakh rupees. The wedding is going to take place without any one getting to know about it. The Mathurs panic and it reaches its climax with the proverbial 'Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti'.
Posted: 17 years ago
Episode - 5 - 19 November 2005, Saturday

The Mathur sisters realise that after their return from the USA, their 'rule' has almost come to an end. The junta doesnt care about them any more, the people around dont listen to them. Their Badi Ma visits Sweety in her dream and tells them through her that she (Badi Ma) will get mukti only when they arrange for some one who is ready to sacrifice his/ her life. What follows is chaos, planchits and utter Hum Paanch mayhem.
Edited by CuteFairy91 - 17 years ago

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