AB presents Comedy of Errors with Shree Adi Manav

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Posted: 14 years ago

SAB, India's leading family comedy entertainment channel launches another comical flick, Shree Adi Manav starting 25th September every Friday 8 to 9 pm. The show is about 3 friends who are incomplete without each other and together they are more than complete.
Shree (Shreedhar Agarkar) is a blind, living with his two friends Adi and Manav in a lavish villa, which belongs to his uncle. Aditya Tendulkar (Adi) is deaf, but over smart, over confident and over optimistic. Manav Kambli who completes the triumvirate, is dumb, and also a pessimist.
Shree, Adi, and Manav are not disabled by birth, the handicap happened to them in an unfortunate accident. These three friends try new ventures, newer adventures and every time they try something new as detectives, news reporters, or courier service boys, it creates confusion and leads to chaos, which ends up creating a situational comedy.
Commenting on this, Anooj Kapoor, Business Head, SAB stated, "Shree Adi Manav, is an attempt to offer a fun filled start to the weekend. Every Friday, Shree Adi Manav will be like a one-hour telly film on your television set. We intend to strengthen our weekend programming through this show"
Character Sketches:
Shree (played by Vishal Kotian) -Shreedhar Agarkar who is blind always pretends that he can see. To convey his words to Adi (who cannot listen), he needs Manav (who cannot speak). Adi and Manav never leave him alone. Since Shree is innocent, Adi and Manav sometimes take advantage of his blindness.
Adi (played by Vrijesh Hirjee) –Aditya Tendulkar is deaf. He always repeats what Shree says as he cannot hear which irritates Shree and Manav. He is a little naughty by nature.
Manav (played by Kikku) –Manav Kambli is dumb. He is a master of actions and also plays communicator amongst the three friends. He explains what Shree wants to say through dumb charades to Adi, which always creates funny situations.
Enjoy a roller coaster ride with "Shree Adi Manav" and get ready for this bone-tickling comedy!

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