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Posted: 13 years ago
Ganesh Leela
Daily Discussion Corner

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IF. Dev Team.
Posted: 13 years ago
I've been trying to watch this serial from the beginning. The show is quite good but there are some things that are totally new that I am not able to follow here.

Good things about the serial:

Lord Shiva, Devi Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Devarishi Narad, Lord Brahma, Devi Saraswati
are just too good.

The music is apt.

The effects are really good.

All the forms of Devi Parvati were done well. The make up and expressions of all the forms were good. I haven't seen Goddess Kaali look so realistic so far.

The cast and characters are good.

What confuses me about the serial:

Lord Vishnu is quite different (I'm not saying he isn't good but he is a bit too different)

The story seems to be a bit off. As far as I can remember, Devi Parvati was too angry and refused to be appeased till her son was restored and given the supreme status. I don't recall reading anything about the Paratpar taking form as Lord Ganesha or the incident with Rishi Sadananda (I hope I got his name right).

They showed Lord Shiva embarrassed when he saw Devi Parvati bathing with her maids but no hint of remorse when he had killed Ganesha who was his son. And I never heard of the plan of distracting Ganesha so that Lord Shiva can kill him. Most of the stories are new to me.

The dialogues and the story board can be improved a bit.

I feel that the serial is a bit of a drag but I enjoy it nevertheless.

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Posted: 13 years ago
I agree with the Vishnu being different so is Lakshmi, I think it is the actress that doesn't look quite like a Lakshmi but I don't want to bash about her.

Also, I don't remember Paratpar or Rishi Sanatkumar!

I totally agree that the show drags one small issue for the whole episode, the pace needs to be faster!

Also, the music they use is just the title theme and background music is just ordinary Serial music....

But yes, the Nav Durga was WELL worth the 5+ minutes! Loved it to bits.

Lastly, Shiv is soooo tall......
Posted: 13 years ago
Most of the time they use the title song of the serial 'Om Namah Shivaya'.

And I love the way they show the real snake around Lord Shiva's neck.

The only other serial I have seen it is in 'Om Namah Shivya'. I think this serial is also from the same producers.
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Posted: 13 years ago
Oh thats the other music! Thanks for pointing it out. Now I remember the show finished with "Aum Namah Shivaya" and I recognised it from a Shiv serial, but didn't realise it was from the Om Namah Shivay show LOL

I also like the real snake, but isn't it dangerous?
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Posted: 13 years ago
I agree with sattvik. Goddess Lakshmi looks different too. But Goddess Saraswati looked great!

I think the snake is a tame one and one which has no fangs.
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Posted: 13 years ago
So the snake is perfectly safe? I hope so.... wouldn't want the actor to get hurt.....

Oh and also, all the costumes are from Jai Maa Vaishno Devi (9X)

I guess the show is recycling stuff, its an eco-friendly show LOL
Posted: 13 years ago
I thought I recognised the crown of one of the forms of Devi Parvati but I was not sure. I think the same sort of crown was there in Mata ki Chowki as well.


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