Why religion is so important in our lives

Posted: 10 years ago

Whether we believe it or not, religion is important in all of our lives.

Every society's standards and laws are based on some form of religion. Throughout European history, we have seen many societies under the control of the church, and many governments trying to control the church.

The key element in the ruling/running of countries and societies is religion. Even not believing in religion is a religion. Religion defines  who we are and what we do.

While such controls might not be "good" for us, religion is important in the shaping of society as we know it today, and as we knew it in the past.

These days the amount of faith a person has, in his own religion, has led to inhuman behavior, to help hypocrites utilize it to make money and to be in power. Difference of opinion in religious matters has caused riots and confused people a lot, enabling violence all over the place.

Being religious is not the dogma, proclaiming the truth towards world peace and love is only doctrine. I wish the religious leaders understand this and when they do, the importance of religion in our lives has played its role fully well.

Ideally, making religion important in your life can lead to a life of love, joy, compassion, and service. True religion is not about the dogmas of the religion but is about the teachings and how they tell you to live your life. For example, just about every religion in the world, including many you have never heard of, have some form of the Golden Rule as central to their teachings.

Think about that. If everyone in the world simply followed the Golden Rule we would immediately have an end to war, racism, hunger, homelessness, and all forms of lack. When you realize how simple this Rule is for life, it is easy to see how many people, who claim that religion is important in their life, are far wide of the mark.

If religion is important in anyone's life, it should be evident in their behavior, not just in their words. Please don't tell me how much you love God. Show me in the way you treat your fellow humans. If religion is truly important in anyone's life, the fruits should be seen by all.

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Posted: 10 years ago
wonderful topic khaty bhai Thumbs Up

why is religion important in our lives?

well basically coz religion shows us the way to live our lifes in a proper way and it gives meaning as to why we are put on this earth Big smile
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Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by mahikhan

Hmmmmm...............coz religion is that way on which one runs to achieve their goals according to Allah's will.

beautifully put mahi Thumbs Up
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Posted: 10 years ago
remember this life is a test and if we live our life according to Allah's will, then we will surely be granted our dua's

its repeating what mahi said but hey i feel the same
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Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by angelic_devil

hmm.. never thought abt it. bcoz it was always there. but i guess what baz said. that it is a set of rules to make life worth while for the whole community. like people could not live nicely without having a set of rules - a way of life.

thanks for agreeing with me angelic_devil Smile

what an interesting username
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