Written Update~~16th June(Veer's entry)

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Posted: 14 years ago

Karan & Naina happily meet each other. Karan tells that she is 2 hrs. late & Naina apologize. Karan tells that once he will marry her then he will show her that what he can do? On which Naina teasingly says that first talk to her parents about their marriage. Karan tells that he was ready to talk about their marriage before 2 yrs. But it was she who wanted to go London for higher studies. Naina being happy agrees & tells Karan that she will talk about him to her Dad tonight at her B'day party. Karan wishes her b'day. Karan goes to drop Naina.

Other side some unknown people are recording all Naina's activities in a CD & gives it a mystery man whose Face is not revealed. The man watches the CD & again all scenes of Naina's entry & her meeting to Karan which were shown in yesterday's episode(15th june episode) were shown in CD recording. The mystery man switched off the recording after watching it fully. At party, Karan comes & meet Abhay who smiled to see him.Karan leaves to meet Naina & it is shown that all the party activities are recording secretly. Vikram's wife scolds him not to only drink & meet people in party & make some connect through them as like his bro Abhay. It is revealed that Vikram, Abhay & Naina are siblings of Dada Thakur. Vikram's wife manipulates his mind by telling to do something as he will hv to handle all the business after Dada Thakur & Vikram being convinced goes from there.

Naina is impressed by punctuality of Karan & Praises him. She takes him to let him meet to his Father who was busy in introducing Naina to other high profile people. Karan feels ignored & leaves from there. Naina who was noticing him too feels bad & excuses herself from there to go behind Karan. Naina apologize & requests him not to go but Karan leaves from there. Again some flashes were shown which shows that some one still recording all the Naina's activities. Dada Thakur goes to announce that on the occasion of his daughter's 21st B'day, he has found a suitable guy for her life partner. Naina is shocked on hearing this. All family members are happy with this. Dada Thakur introduces the groom after creating some suspense by praising him. Karan comes there with his family which happily shocked Naina who was very much delighted by all his father's surprise. Dada Thakur  invites Naina on stage.

Again some one flashes as to record something. Naina being happy complaints to his dad & Karan for hiding this from her. Dada Thakur teased her. All laughs. Dada Thakur proposed to let their children's engagement on the current day itself. Karan's parents agrees. Karan hesitatingly tells that his engagement ring for Naina is with Veer & he is just coming…Dada Thakur asks about Veer to Karana who tells that Veer is his best friend & he got stucked in traffic that's why he is late suddenly somebody calls Karan. All looks at voice direction & Veer's entry. Veer apologize for being late & running towards Karan while stammering here & there…Veer ki entry girte padte…As Veer coming to Karan, the rings falls from his hand & lands up at Naina's feet. Veer goes to pick it up & Naina too bends down to pick it. Both looks at each other & they share an eye-lock session while title track is playing as background music. Episode ends on Veer's smiling face.

Precap :- Kangana's entry.