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Hi ji,
Today's last update๐Ÿ˜ญ
Rasila comes in the room to shush Jyotika up, but Jyotika says she will say it. Jyotika says Krishna is spreading false rumors about them, that they tell Sarita about Prateek being here, and that they are trying to stop the shaadi. Krishna says very innocently that she didn't tell Hetal anything like that, and asks Hetal if she did. Hetal is very confused, and says no ji. Jyotika and Rasila ke faces deflate like tires deflate. Krishna asks again very innocently why Jyotika thought that she was talking about that, and if they have done that before. Rasila tries to cover up by saying that Jyotika isn't well, and is blaming her power at foretlling for Hetal's dukh. Krishna's expression is like oh really, and Rasila turns to a very sick Jyotika and tells her to come with her. Rasila says to Jyotika that she will help her sleep, and takes her out of the room. Hetal is very confused, and asks no one in particular ke what was that all about. Krishna looks at her saying kuch ni, and tells Hetal to just hurry up and dress na.
 Krishna goes to the table to get stuff for Hetal, while Hetal thinks. She thinks ke what was Jyotika talking about when Krishna mentioned nothing like that, but Jyotika was on this heavy defense mode. Hetal says Prateek came to meet her twice, and how did Sarita found out. Then she thinks of how Prateek had talked about Hetal's affair with koi, and this was not started by Prateek and Sarita but by Jyotika and Rasila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She wonders what all of this could mean ji.Hetal shakes her head, and says ke Rasila could never do that with her; throwing her saree on the bed. Krishna sees this, and sees Hetal lost in thought. Krishna tells her to get ready, when Jai comes in. He looks at Krishna with a bit of dislike, and tells Hetal Prateek and Sarita are here; Dadaji wants her downstairs. He glares at Krishna again, and leaves. Krishna feels a bit down, but then smiles at Hetal.
In the hall, everyone is there! Dadaji then finally breaks the ice and says that regardless of what happened b/w them, Hetal and Prateek still love each other. He says that they should get forget the past, and think of this rishta again. He asks Sarita what she thinks, and after a bit smiles a nod. Everyone, but the 2 evils are thrilled ji. Mansukh then stammers a lout congrats to all, and Kaivalya follows. Rasila gets up and opens her arms for Hetal. However, Sarita says that hold on, and this rishta will happen only on one condition. Everyone goes mum, and Dadaji asks what condition. Sarita says that the condition is that Rasila say sorry for her tactics first!!!!!!!!!!! Rasila and Jyotika are stunned, well everyone is, but you know what I mean!
*I'm getting super excited! I can't even type theek se!๐Ÿ˜†*
Prateek is like mom, but Sarita says she is not wrong. She tells him to yaad that b/c of Rasila the rishta broke. A flashback is shown where Rasila is gusse se saying to Sarita that first she called Hetal pagal and now pointing a finger at her character. Sarita then asks Dadaji if she is right. Dadaji tells Rasila that he doesn't know if Rasila was right or not at that time, but he asks if Rasila can do this for Hetal's khushi. Rasila is shocked, and Mansukh whispers to Kavalya that she should agree or they will get in trouble. Mansukh isharafies to Rasila to say sorry, and Kaivalya also does ji. Rasila is shocked, and and Sarita says that Rasila only needs to say that b/c of her the rishta broke etc. Rasila is left standing at what to do.
Finally, Hetal gets up and tells Sarita sorry. She says she loves Prateek, but if she had to choose b/w Rasila and Prateek, she would choose Rasila. Rasila gets semi-shocked. Hetal says that she will never put her house of dreams on Rasila's broken respect, and Jai smiles a grin. Rasila & Co look like they are repenting. Krishna is getting upset, and mun hi mun going no. Sushila then pipes in that Hetal is right, and this rishta won't happen over her sister's broken respect. Sushila says that Rasila is not her sister but mom, her children's mom. Sushila says she won't disrespect her mom. Rasila feels very bad now, along with her crew ji. Rasila then runs from there to the kitchen and thinks of all the incidents that have happened regarding Hetal.
From the 2 evils making Hetal a union leader, spreading her characterless rumors, the mantras, making fun of her etc. Rasila feels horrible about it all now ji. Bhallu asks Sarita to put forth another condition, but Sarita says nopes only Rasila one. Hetal runs off to the kitchen to hug Rasila. Dadaji gets up and says he says sorry, but not to make his family do it. Sarita says not the family, only Sarita. Krishna then tells Sarita to wait a minute, and runs off to the kitchen. She asks Hetal what she is doing when she knows that Sarita is right. Rasila looks at Hetal and then looks away again. Hetal says she knows everything, but she can't see Rasila with her head down. Hetal says her engagement might've been broken by Rasila, but behind that there must have been a good reason. Hetal says her herart believes in Rasila.
Rasila turns away from her, and semi tears are in her eyes. Hetal says that marriage and Prateek are a very small thing. and if Rasila asks Hetal to drink poison, Hetal would drink it without any questions. Rasila turns to Hetal in shock, and Hetal says she will give up her life for Rasila too. Hetal then clings onto Rasila, who very slowly raises her hands towards Hetal. Finally her hand reaches Hetal's face lovingly, and Rasila cries. Rasila then cresses Hetal's face for the first time as a true mother. Then they hear Sarita telling Prateek that enough is a enough, and to leave. Sarita begins to leave when Rasila runs after her and tells her to stop.
When Sarita and Rasila are face to face, Rasila folds her hands. Rasila agrees in front of everyone that b/c of her the engagment had broke, and she is ready to fall at Sarita's feet. If Sarita wants Rasila can wash her feet and drink that water, but to give her her bachchi's khushi. Hetal is feeling very upset, and Sushila is shocked. Mansukh and Co have this repent kind of look. Rasila goes to fall at Sarita's feet, but Sarita stops her saying ke Rasila ke tears washed away the badness ji. Sarita tells Rasila to prepare for the wedding, and everyone is maha happy! Rasila and Sarita hug, while Dadaji folds his hands to Sarita to thank her.
Mansukh is in his room, when Kaivayla and Jyotika come there. Mansukh is in this deep though, and after a few failed attepmts by bringing back by Kavailya, Jyotika is like gaye, meaning is he dead. Mansukh comes back to us, and stares at Jyotika. Jyotika then saves herself by saying thank God Mansukh is back to them. Kaivalya is like now even in Mansukh's voice there is kanjoosi kya, and Jyotika agrees saying ke after Hetal's engagement being fixed Mansukh has said nothing. Mansukh says he is in shock, and that in all his time married to Rasila  he has never seen her put down her weapons like this. He says no matter what the achai in front of her, his Rasila has never done this. Jyotika says even they are shocked, and when Rasila said sorry to Sarita, Jyotika thought that the world's evilness is gone forever. Jyotika then blames Krishna, and Kaivalya says no. He says Krishna is at fault, but if Jyotika had not out of fear bak baked it to Hetal, their plan would not have failed.
Just then Rasila comes in with 4 glasses of warm milk ji!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ฒ Mansukh ki reaction is that of shocked, and so is Kaivalya. Rasila puts the glasses on the table in front of Jyotika, who gets a heart attack lol. Jyotika is like Rasila is already getting ready for Hetal's departure from the house. Mansukh tells Kaivalya to go get the best doctor, and something has happened to Rasila. Rasila says yes, soomething has happened to her, and she asks if it has not happened to them. Jyotika picks up her milk ka glass. Rasila says both Krishna and Hetal know about their deeds, and if Hetal wanted she could have told Dadaji and taken Sarita's side. Rasila says if she did not do what she did today, she would never have been able to look at herself again ji. Mansukh is like what, and says that a good thing happened so Rasila changed lol. Jyotika is like no way and that Rasila doesn't even have a heart.
Rasila says Jyotika is right, but goodness has tha\t strength that blooms a flower on a rock. Kaivalya is like so no more plans, and no more exploiting their goodness. Jyotika is like nooo, and tells Rasila not to do this. Rasila says they always exploited their goodness for their own selfish reasons, but truth is more good. She says that following the truth gives us happiness, and thinking of others too. She says when they can have a truthfull happiness, then why should they run after a jhooti khushi. The gang now think on this, and Rasila says that they have given them more aapnapan than they exploited them. Rasila says that the only way to pay them back is by giving them equal pyar. Mansukh and the others look at Rasila, Kaivalya then says that he thinks Rasila's words are right. Rasila says then come, and lets give them pyar.Rasila then puts her hand out, and Kaivalya comes to put his hand on top of hers. Jyotika looks and smiles, coming to put her hand on Kaviayla's. Mansukh huffs, and when Rasila says being good is more profitable he comes running๐Ÿ˜†. Rasila then takes her other hand over Mansukh's.
It's morning and Dadaji is looking at Hetal and Prateek's pic. Jai comes down calling for Krishna ke if his nashta is ready. Krishna calls out ke almost. Jai comes to Dadaji and gives him a good morning hug. Mansukh and Bhallu come there arguing, where Mansukh is trying to give Bhallu the shop keys and Bhallu is going NO. Dadaji smiles at this, and says that Mansukh keep them. Now Kavialya comes with Yashvi calling for Jyotika for his tiffin, and he's getting late to go to court. Kaivalya comes and touches Dadaji's and Mansukh's feet to greet them morning. He goes and sits with Jai. Dadaji then calls where is my food, and with Hetal married and gone, will they have to call her kya(so it's not the next morning, it's many days after ki morning lol). Bhallu looks at the pic and says she's gone to her in-laws, and Mansukh repeats like Bhallu does lol. He says Hetal toh gayi but where are the rest of the ladies of the house.
Just then Rasila comes out with the dishes, and says we are here. The ladies come out, and Dadaji starts eating. He says who shall he tareefify, and Rasila says all of them b.c all of them cooked in the kitchen. However, what Dadaji is eating was made by Jyotika. Dadaji is like wah, and says he wants to give Jyotika something for this. Jyotika gets happy, and Rasila rolls her eyes. Dadaji says from today, all the food will be made by Jyotika๐Ÿ˜†. Jyotika then faints, and the whole family screams her name.  They get some water on her, and Rasila is like hosh coming. Sushila tells Dadaji that Jyotika is very nazuk, and that Krishna and her will do the work, Jyotika then winks at us lol. Dadaji says whatever they want they can do, but he wishes that they all stay together khushi khushi se. He asks Kaivalya to take Jyotika to her room, while everyone goes back to eating. Jyotika walks off with a huge grin!
Last episode, and my last update! Who is khush about no more updates by me? Don't be shy, tell moi๐Ÿ˜†. It was not a last episode I would have wanted, but I still love this show ji. All i can say is DIE SP DIE๐Ÿ˜ก. Like saachi, if I was in Mumbai, I would have so done a morcha lol.
I hope you guys enjoyed these updates, as I enjoyed writing them! Sorry for all my mistakes!
Take care ji,
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