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About The Show

Bhaskar Bharti (Mon-Thurs, 9.00 pm) - A man in a woman's world is generally viewed as pleasure, a blessing' while a woman in man's world is considered to be a struggle for survival & a fight for identity. Bhaskar Bharati is story of both the worlds. Interestingly it happens to the same person - Bhaskar!.

The story is centered around the life of Bhaskar (portrayed by Eijaz Khan), an attractive and debonair man and chief editor of Men's Universe, a fledgling men's magazine. He's quite popular among women; however, he keeps moving in and out of relationships, as he doesn't believe in the concept of love. This leads to a lot of anger and heartburn among his love interests. Eventually, one of his girlfriends curses him to turn into a woman, so that he may understand the pain and anguish that he has caused her and other women. The curse comes true, and Bhaskar transforms into a woman that night.

Bewildered by this sudden change, he tries in vain to turn himself back into a man. He soon realises that he has no choice but to continue his daily life as a woman until the curse can be reversed. To be accepted back in his workplace, he pretends to be Bhaskar's cousin Bharti (portrayed by Ragini Khanna) and lies that Bhaskar had to leave to attend to a family emergency, and that he has asked her to assume his responsibilities at his office until he returns. He is able to get his job back as a result, but realises that getting everyone's respect and attention will prove very difficult, more so now as he is a woman.
Watch Bhaskar Bharti, Mon-Thurs at 9pm.



Character Sketch 

Amarjeet and Corolla Bhatia Bhaskar's boss, Amarjeet Bhatia was a simple man. He was a crude Punjabi Jat who ran a decently successful tyre business in Ludhiana. But his life changed the moment he fell in love with Kamla. She was a very ambitious girl, she forced him to shift to Mumabi. Once there, Kamla became Corolla and she started a men's magazine titled ' Men's Universe'. Amarjeet sold off his business to put all his money in this magazine.

In Mumbai, Corolla happens to meet Bhaskar and instantly takes a liking to him. She hires him and Baskar quickly turns around the fortunes of the magazine. Even Corolla flirts with Bhaskar, but everytime, he turns her down politely. Slowly, even Amarjeet's character changes. He gets media-obsessed, loves getting his pictures clicked with celebrities and wants his every party to be covered by the media.


Armaan Sinha From home to office and vice versa, he is Mr. Nice Guy. He doesn't go out drinking with Bhaskar and gang, as he is a single father. He always rushes home to be with his daughter. He is man of great integrity: honest and hard working. A brilliant photographer, he is getting great offers from various places, but he sticks to ' Men's Universe' because it had given him his first break. His ideologies constantly clash with those of Bhaskar. Bhaskar hates him, but Armaan is too level headed to hold any grudges against Bhaskar. He just lets him be.
He cares a lot for his 6-year-old daughter, Suhani. He doesn't want his daughter ever to feel the absence of a mother. He tells her that, her mother died when she was just an infant, it's a lie. Suhani's mother had left Armaan for another man. But he doesn't care for her anymore; he is completely smitten by Bharti. But slowly his infatuation for Bharti turns to respect as he sees her dedication at work. He empathises with her whenever she struggles with anything. And whenever she is in trouble, he comes to her rescue like a knight in shining armour.


Bhaskar Born and brought up in the princely town of Gwalior, Bhaskar is a shrewd, yet lovable character. He always dreamt of going to the famous Scindia School, but his father couldn't afford it. So all he could do was, gaze at his dream, while he cycled his way to Hema Convent School. He proposed to a girl just once, and that rejection made him suffer from tremendously low self-esteem. But he was too good to be ignored for a long time. He starts writing for his college newspapers. And applause starts pouring in, he has finally found his calling-writing.
After his graduation, Bhaskar wants to shift to Mumbai, the city of dreams, but his father wants him to take up a job of an assistant manager in a nearby factory. And his mother wants him to get married. Bhaskar is scared, he believes that marriage bogs one down and doesn't let one achieve his true potential. His Chacha was a living example of this belief. He revolts, he wants to be successful and not married. He leaves for Mumbai. Once here, he grooms himself. Slowly to his utmost surprise, he starts having a way with women, they find him cute, he finds them useful to go up the ladder. Amidst all this drama, he meets the owner of fledgling magazine called,' Man's Universe'. Her name is Camilla Bhatia, she offers him a job. Bhaskar, a complete opportunist, grabs this opportunity with both hands and soon becomes the Chief Editor of the magazine.
Bhaskar doesn't believe in the concept of love. He believes love is the biggest obstacle one can face on his way to success. He portrays himself to be the perfect person, he keeps everyone happy just to get his work done. If a person doesn't serve his purpose, the person doesn't exist for him. But everyone wants to keep him happy, then be it the peon, the housemaid or even his secretary. He is not the best person around, but there is something about him.
Bhaskar has been away from home since 7 years. He wants to go back to his father, but not without a gift. He wants to gift him a Haveli, which his father had always dreamt of. All formalities have been completed, he just needs to pay the amount. He uses his talent as a bargaining chip. He promises Amarjeet that he will get big investors to invest in his magazine, but in return he should be made a partner in the company. Amarjeet agrees! Afterall, no one refuses Bhaskar. But, will the investors agree? To know, watch Bhaskar Bharti DAY, TIME.


Gyaan Verma A man with no morals, he can stoop as low as need be to get what he wants. He craves only for sex and money, nothing else! He is Bhaskar's partner in crime when it comes to womanising. He doesn't believe in hard work, rather doesn't need it. He just steals projects, presentation etc to retain his position in the company. He only has this job thanks to Bhaskar. This job is actually a return favour by Bhaskar as Gyaan was the first one to befriend him when he came to Mumbai.
Gyaan always puts on his best behaviour in front of Bhaskar, through which he remains in Bhaskar's good books. But Bharti's entry shatters his plans. He starts plotting against her to secure his position as a Managing Director. And nothing can stop him, being the person he is, he can go to the extent of erasing data from hard drives, spilling ink over artworks and much worse.


Narayan- 24 yrs The office peon, he is the ultimate multi tasker. He does the photocopies, delivers the artworks, brings coffee and much more. He looks like a village simpleton but sometimes manages to come up with profound sayings. He starts every sentence with, '' Humari kaki kehti thi'''. He idolises Bhaskar but Bharti tells him that it's not worth being Bhaskar.


Pushpak Tiwari- 27 yrs He is a complete geek, a typical IT guy whose biggest obsessions are to watch po*n, chat and edit images in photoshop. He creates a fake profile of himself as a handsome man, calls himself, Pulse and chats with a girl named Sonia. Gradually, he falls in love with her


😉Sakku Bai- 32 yrs The office sweeper, she takes special care of Bhaskar, who in returns showers her with lavish praise. She even gets Puran Poli for Bhaskar. The moment she walks out of her room, he throws it away. But once, he decides to try it and since then he craves for it. She is a very simple and loveable character.


Sonali Sharma- 25 yrs A simple office receptionist, she tries hard to attract attention, but fails-always!
She also acts as a secretary for the top brass of the office. But her biggest curse is her low self-confidence. But it is in fact this very low self-confidence, which helps her find love. She creates a fake online profile by the name of Sonia and falls in love with a guy named Pulse.


Sunny Soni-28 yrs He is the gay stylist of the magazine, who is attracted to Bhaskar. But Bhaskar is homophobic and threatens Sunny with physical harm if he ever comes close. He develops a great friendship with Bharti. He guides and helps her discover her feminine side. Even Bharti likes him, more so because they are 2 people in similar situations. Sunny being a woman trapped in a man's body and Bharti being the exact opposite.


Vineeta Lamba She doesn't mind doing physical favours as long as it helps her reach the top. As a Public Relations executive, she uses her skill to the hilt to publicise her multiple short-lived affairs. She is a loud mouth. She even tries seducing Bhaskar, but he doesn't give her much attention.
Vineeta hates competition and that is exactly what Bharti is. The idea of working under a female boss completely unsettles her, as then she can't seduce her way to the top. Having pampered herself to the point of being spoilt. She is now searching for a perfect husband. The only condition being, he should be a millionaire. May be then, he would be able to afford her. May be!

Geeta(the girl that curse Bhaskar)
Payal(Bhaskars close friend and a DJ)
Bharti(female Bhaskar)
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