new ff AR AK zindagi ho to aisi part 9 page 24

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 part 9 page  24
 taking inspiration from steff.i thought i had better write sumthing....soo ithought of writing i donno whether i will be active after a month or storry will be short..{no idea my self hw short}..i guess i will jusst go with the flow..okay enough of nonsense....LOL

Note:even if u dont like free to tell me that..!!Embarrassed


Umm the leads in my story r 4...uwho r according too me the 2 bestest tele couples ever

Armaan ridhimaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Angad kripaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Here r their character sketches

Armaan mallik: the son of a famous  film starWink,who is always used having the things done his own way...slightly aroogant,n a hell lottta attitudeLOL...but a soft n vry simple person from inside...handsome n extremely god luking..girls r mad abt him..he aspires to be an actor too...n yeah girls love himLOLLOLLOL

Angad khanna;son of an average earning employee of rajveer acting school..he is extremely hard working and talented,and has a secret desire of being an acctor some dayEmbarrassed..but has no god father,unlike armaan..his best buddy is armaan,n they are pretty thick budddies..n no ,no dostana here..!!LOLLOLarmaan trusts him blindly,n inspite of their difference in status,they r best friends...n yeah he is vrrry consious abt his status.

Ridhima gupta:hails from dehradun,a simple salwar suit clad girl,who is quite innocent,but very ambitious,wants to become an actress,n hence wants to study in the best acting school in india-the RAS.she prettty,fun loving n quite shy n polite..believes in truth and hard work,n is pretty indian as far asher culture n thoughts are concerned.her father is well earned.Wink

Kripa sharma :she is not a chic really,but hardly indian when it comes to her dressing sense.she is very evil when it comes to her pranks,n comes from a family wheere every one is a itz mandatory for her to be one to,quite famous like armaan,her father n armaan's father are big enemies,n rivals.she isnt too polite with people either,she speaks her own mind,n doesnt leave people who r evil with hher,quite otspoken,but an angel by heart....

Rajveer mallik:a superstar of 70s...he is a suave gentleman,who is a soft hearted n gentle person{i hate evil dads..acc to me dads can never be bad..!!Confused}.. n is divorced.

Namrata mallik:armaan's elder sis...she  adores her bro...n has had a  bad past as in she is a failed star{wat did u think}.

Raima mallik:she is a fashion designer,n is quite well off,but she truely loves her son.{.rest abt armaan's parents will be disclosed in d story...n noo it wont change like in dmg!}

ridz's parents are simple people,who have given vrry gud values to her.her father is an army officer.

Angad,s dad as u know works for rajveer,n is not quite well off,he is very honest,n loves his family,dats his wife n his younger daughter.

Kripa's parents are super stars of the n snobbish..they dont really care abt kripa n hardly spend any time with her...

n yeah itz all set in mumbaiWink 

Soo tell me guys did u like the characters..??

N be polite plsLOLLOL



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ddo ineed to tell u who he is..??LOLLOLLOL
ak 2gether..Embarrassed
    my pm list
Sweet baby
karan''''s archita
pending people...LOLLOLLOL
mrs armaan
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Whoa Ann...Inspired by me eh.......gud going.....

Cant wait to read further......

its nice so far...i am curious now.....wanna kno it...

wen u update tell me in the CC or PM ok....

Update asap.....

gud girl......LOL

Loads Of Love


P.S: in ur titlle

new ff untitled as of now

make it...

New AR AK FF untitled as of now......Smile

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Can i be "Impolite " ???Aneesha Evil SmileEvil Smile.......sorry just kidding LOLLOLLOL.....your character sketch looks interesting......nice to see a "Good Dad" in your story Wink Dostana between Angad and Armaan ??DisapproveDisapproveLOLLOL.....and i am glad to hear that the parents wont change like in DMG LOLLOLLOL
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Posted: 2009-04-23T04:50:41Z

Aneesha............I will comment later............Actually I m busy over a naughty fight some where !!!!!Ouch

Keep----------------------Smiling !!!!!!! Smile  
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Posted: 2009-04-23T04:58:28Z
aneesha loved d characters n good no dostana between Ammy and angad
i am very excited 2 read further

plzzzz do tell me in d cc
will be waiting dear SmileSmileSmile
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Posted: 2009-04-23T06:08:00Z
great concpet Aneesha
cant wait for the first part
can you pm when you update
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Posted: 2009-04-23T06:13:55Z

EPISODE 1..{the emotions used are of the characters..not mine..}





Its 10 in the morning ,but no mr armaan mallikis not up yet..he is busy dreaming of.......................................................ronaldo...!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

The servants heve been trying to wake him up,but unsucessfully,n they know it too,because there is only one person who can wake u parmaan..n datss


"nams..!!!tum kaha ho..dekho armaan abhi tak so raha hai..!!!"Ouch....meanwhile rajveer mallik,armaan's dad,was getting restless,n nervous as well,because today his son had to give auditions to enroll in RAS..his acting school n no he was completely unbaised when it comes to his academy,no one can enter without  the auditions..not even his son..LOL


n  rajveer continued  ".aaj itna imp din hai,aur tum-"


"busy sleeping ammy..!!!dad kab se hall mein gala phad phad ke chilla rahe hain,aur tumas usual useless hone ke pakke proofs de rahe ho..tumhe pata hai aaj dad kitne nervous hai..tumse bhi zyada..!! u sleeping beauty..get up faast..!!"..namrata said...Wink


"alrite..alrite dii...main ata hun..chillax...main aata hun...'yawn'.SleepySleepySleepy..arre mujhe aise may dekho sis..m cumin..!!!"Ouch




'MAA...aap kaha ho...aur ye mujhe kitne bags diye hai...main akele ye puri cricket team kaise lungi..MAA..!"Ouch

"arre ridhima,kyun chilla rahi hai..main tera khana pack kar rahi..!"

ridhima..making a'hello r u nuts' face.."maa..aap mujhe do full bags pata nehi kya kya de chuki ho..aam se leke water melon se leke pata nehi kya kya..aapko kya lagta haai..vaha mumbai mein koi famine hone wali hai..???LOL..main vaha par RAS mein apne sapno ko pura karne ja rahi hun..khane ki dukan kholne ke liye nehii..!..arre ek to aapki tabiyat thik nehi rehti,ur aap bas idhar udhar ho rahi ho.ab aap chup chap baitho aur aaram karo"Ouch

"arre par beta tujhe raste mein bhuk lagegi..!!"Confused

"maa..main plane se ja rahi hun..please.."...n ridhima started laughing..n soon her mother joined her too..LOLLOLbut it wasnt exactly unknown dat they both wanted to cry badly.Cry.but neither could bear the other in all was peaceful in the gupta house hold..ridhima was gonna be separatedfrm her family for the first time.....


"papa..flight ka time ho raha hai..chalo..."


n the whole family bid aediu to ridhima sadly....







"woow..he soo hot...".."woow  kya lagta hai yaar.."Embarrassed


n no these r not for armaan but forLOL

" log aaj bhi mujhe chod kar aapke saath flirt karte dad's d best.."LOL

"no ,my son is the best..dekha nehi kya..abhi sad tujhe kaise ghur rahe hai.!!."...LOL

"umm..okk..iknow..dats naturall naa..vaise i think u rite..m d best..after u !!"

with this the father-son duo hug...n rajveer wishes his son all the best for the auditions...



auditions hall-AR FIRST MEEETING


ridz is late for her auditions..n she is running....

armaan is coming frm the opposite side..n obviously.they collide..!!..but no our hero doesnt fall on the heroine..

armaan n ridz collide n ridz's file falls....armaan mean while stares at ridhima..but noo he doesnt find ny thing good abt her..because she is clad in a simple salwar suit..but stll he does find her pretty.....ridz too is not dat impressed by him..because she is laten this guy has delayed her.Angry.but still they do stare at each other..cant help it....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

ridhima..irritated..."arre tum dekh kar nehi chal sakte kya..??"Angry

araan..with his trademark attitude  "tum koi dekne ki cheez ho to na..!!"LOL

ridhima.."excuse me..tum—"Angry

armaan"excused please..mere paas faltu time nehi hai.."Sleepy

"ridhima"hw rude,ek sorry bhi nehi bol sakte"Angry

armaan"sorry..!!tumse..wo bhi tab jub tumhari galti ho..!forget it......  mata."  Sleepy

Ridhima"galti tumhari thi"Angry

Armaan "no"




There is an announcement."miss ridhima..wwhere r u..?"


Ridhima"oh no".Cry.n she runs again..forgettingg  to take her file..


Armaan.."arre..oo miss ...mata ..arre kya naam bola iska..!"..n he irritatatingly goes after her to give her file.."Wink

In the hall..riirz.."arre meri file.."


Armaan comes.."yahaan hai.."

Ridz"oo umm thnks"Ouch

N no armaan doesnt say"u r welcum"



Meanwhilee the auditions take place..n yes ofcourse...armaan n ridhima pass with flying colourss..varna story  kaise start hogi...



Okk enough for nw..will update tomorrow...

Next episode will have angad kripa.....

Do comment...






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