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Jo Ishq Ki Marzi Woh Rab Ki marzi

Hello and Welcome to *The JIKMWRKM Haveli*

Jo ishq ki marzi woh rab ki marzi Development Team:

Channel Moderator: Kiran.




Videobie: Sonyfan28

Table of Contents:

Post 1: Introduction to Development Team
Post 2: About the Show
Post 3: Important Links/Rules

Post 4: Update Archive
Post 5: (Newsletter)
Post 6: Game of the Week
Post 7: Discussion of the Week
Post 8: Bajaiya/Nachori of the Week
Post 9: JIKMWRKM Fanfics
Post 10: Fanclubs/ Appreciation Threads/ Chat Clubs
Post 11:
Contests/Contest of the Week
Post 12: VideoMixes

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.::.About the Show.::.

The story is out and out all about love narrated with a dramatic premise of friends turned into enemies and the aftermath consequently creating obstacles for the two young lovers in their pursuit to unite as one for eternity.

Set in Central India, in the late 1800s, the story follows the saga of two Zamindaar families, whose patriarchs, UdayVeer and Bhanupratap, were once best friends. Their friendship was the stuff that legends are made of, but all stories do not have a happy ending.

Keeturaj; to avenge his father's death, poisons the beautiful friendly relationship into bitterest of foes.

Sumer, Udayveer's son and Sunaina, Bhanupratap's daughter, who were once childhood sweethearts, are torn apart because their families suddenly became enemies.

The path to a happy ending is paved with jealousy, misunderstanding, heartbreak, betrayal and revenge. The lovers do not unite so easily or quickly as one would want them to.

And thus the story is about their struggle to salvage emotions, and facing all adversaries to unite as lovers. It is a powerful tale that will become a fable for all those who believe in the supremacy of true love.

Story begins in the later half of the 19th Century and spans two decades. The look of the show is grand and opulent, keeping in mind the lifestyle of zamindars of those days. Three generations of the same family live under one roof, in harmony.

The show will deal with family honor, egos, and tempers, and also with love and affection between brother and sister, between father and daughter/son, and between brothers. Family values are an important aspect of the story.

Each character plays an element to the development of the narration of the story. The boy and the girl, are the messengers of eternal love who ride us along their journey of love.

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.::. Updates Archieve .::.

JIKMWRKM All Updates Here

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.::. JIKMWRKM Newsletter .::.

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.::. Bajaiya/Nachori Of The Week .::.

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