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I thought it was appropriate to start this off 😊
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Jo Ishq Ki Marzi Woh Rab Ki Marzi

Sumer's Grandmother and Udayveer, Balveer and Karamveer's mother

Udayveer (Uday)
Best friends with Bhanu and father of Sumer

Sumer's mother and Uday's wife

Udayveer's younger brother, who has a bad temper
Balveer was framed for killing Jagtap by Surjan

Machala is Balveer's wife and was meant to marry Udayveer but was unable to.

Machala's evil brother who on Keturaj's side. He has this special thing that he does with his hand and his ear whenever he has finished talking to himself.

Karanvir/Karamveer (played by Vijay Bhatia) (DEAD)
Uday's and Balveer's youngest brother
Bhanupratap killed him by accident when he was trying to kill Balveer, but Karamveer go in the way to save Balveer.

Machala and Surjan's younger sister and was Karamveer's to-be-wife

(Young) Sumer
The main character, Udayveer's son and Sunaina's husband-to-be.
Young Sumer's story ended when he was forcibly taken to gurukul, where he grew up

Sunaina's Uncle?
Sunaina's Uncle and Bhanupratap's older brother?

Bhanupratap (Bhanu)
Best friends with Uday and father of Sunaina

Bhanu's wife and Sunaina's mother

Bhanu's sister, Sunaina's bua who was married to Jagtap.

Jagtap (DEAD)
Chandrika's husband, he is called Jamai-Raja.
Jagtap had his evil intentions and was with Keturaj for a while before Keturaj killed him. Balveer was blamed for his death as Balveer's clothes were found at his death place and Balveer was the one who brought Jagtap's corpse in front of everyone.

(Younger) Sunaina
Sumer's wife-to-be, daughter of Bhanupratap and our main character.
Young Sunaina's story ended when she was forcibly taken to gurukul, where she grew up.

Jogan Mastani
Mastani is like the villages' mystic who believes in Natraj a lot and has been waiting for Sumer and Sunaina to be born and wanted to keep their love alive.

Evil Guy

Evil guy, Keturaj's man (aadmi)

Keturaj's son

Keerat's friend

An experience bow and arrows man


(Older) Sumer (played by Neil Bhatt)
Main Character, son of Udayveer!

Anandi (played by Arjun Dutt a.k.a. Genu from Alladin)
Sumer's friend when he is grown-up and the funny one.

Grown-up Sumer's friend and a poet-type person

Older Sumer's enemy and evil guy.

Garjan Singh (Played by Anang Desai)
A visiting Guru that has come to Sumer's Gurukul

(Older) Sunaina (played by Neha Marda)
Main Character, daughter of Bhanupratap! Sumer's "Nachori".

Older Sunaina's friend and helper

Older Sunaina's friend and helper

Older Sunaina's enemy and the evil girl

Uttara's friend and helper

Durgeshwari (Played by Shashi Kumari)
Sunaina's Gurukul's head teacher, who is very strict.
"Niyam or Kanoon ka dusra naam Durgeshwari Hai" is her famous line.

Characters that are still alive from the before the 15 year leap may still appear in the current episodes played by the same people.

Kismat Connection

Karan's dad
Karan's mum
Dada Thakur
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Neha Marda as Sunaina
Sunaina is 19 and epitomizes beauty in everything she does. She is a live-wire, full of energy, out spoken, witty, and highly adventurous. Music and dance runs in her blood and she's very passionate about it. Her leadership and endearing personality makes her a darling of the masses. A multi-faceted and passionate young lady that she is, Sunaina knows it's only Sumer who compliments her energy and passion for music and life. Sunaina Loves Sumer more than her life. Sunaina with her faith in Sumer's love and their relationship since birth is ready to face all adversities, in their only desire, to be one for ever.


Neil Bhatt as Sumer
Sumer who is madly in love with Sunaina. Sumer is a complete contradiction to Sunaina.He is in complete awe of his father and will never question his father's decision. Sumer is passionate about music and his flute mesmerizes every one who listens to him playing it. As a kid, Sunaina used to love to play to his tune". He is a great fighter & horse rider., very talented.

Jayati Bhatia as Jogan mastani

Jogan Mastani lives in a lone temple of Lord Shiva on the common boundary line of the two dynasties Devgarh & Dharamgarh.who is a witness to the love of Sumer and Sunaina and to the relationship falling apart between the families. She takes it upon herself to bring the lovers together. And God bows down to her prayers as the lovers meet once again 14 years later.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About the Story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Jo Ishq ki Marzi' Woh Rab Ki Marzi", narrates a love saga of two childhood friends Sumer & Sunaina, who are separated because of the hatred between their families. The story is about the young lovers whose love story is paved with jealousy, misunderstanding, heartbreak, betrayal and revenge. Theirs is a love destined to be doomed'.a love that defies destiny!

As the story unfolds it relates the friendship between the families of Sumer and Sunaina. But destiny's rude hands tear the childhood sweethearts apart when their families turn into sworn enemies. Devgadh & Dharamgadh dynasties share a boundary on which stands a lone temple of Lord Shiva where lives Jogan Mastani, who has witnessed the eternal love of Sumer & Sunaina. She defies God on their separation and vows that she will dance till the time the young lovers are united. Even the Almighty had to bow down before Jogan Mastani's resolution and Sumer and Sunaina comes face to face ' after 14 long years! The childhood sweethearts no longer recognize each other. They have left their childhood behind them'and are complete strangers now. But the cosmic bond between the star-crossed lovers is as strong as before. Love rekindles in their young hearts and gives rise to a passion that will challenge the decade old enmity between their two families, the two enemy fiefdoms that they come from.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Story in 1st Week~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Two Villages Devgarh & Dharamgarh celebrating Lord Shiva's Worship..A dance performance by a fortune teller cum nomad Mastani. While her dance two babies born at two best friend's house Bhanu & Udayveer. A Son at Udayveer's house & A daughter at Bhanu's House...Both shares thier happiness with each other. Mastani gave names Sunaina & Sumer to both daughter & Son respectively..Excited & Happy Bhanu & Udayveer fix their friendship into relationship while announcing their newly born babies wedding. Some spy gave all this info to somebody(Villian) who furiously decides to destroy the destiny of both newly born babies.
Mastani predicts that both Sumer & Sunaina can't unite ever. She complains about it to Natraj. It's revealed that the Villian wants to take revenge from Udayveer & Bhanu for his father's death that's why he wss waiting for them to be fathers. Both children being taken care & pampered by thier respective families.Balveer & Machala got into some arguement. It's too revealed that Machala was going to marry Udayveer but ends up married to Balveer as Gayatri married to Udayveer. ..Machala still not happy with this fact. While a dance sequence both love birds shown to be grownup as teenagers...Both fights a lot with other for being talented in different fields which made Mastani stuck b/w both of them.While arguing both starts a competition where Sumer playing Flute & Sunaina dancing....But both being tired are stopped by thier fathers...Both are upset with thier fathers. Both fathers feed their children by own hands...Keturaj fills his gowdown by cutting trees..Keturaj son other side stealing mangoes but caught by Sumer.Keturaj's Son & his friend goignt o attck Sumer but Sunaina saves him. both Sunaina & Sumer moves toward Keturaj's Son. Keerat is being trapped while Sumer Sunaina teasing each other...Jamai raja & Balveer got into an arguement but Jamai raja aplogize to stop it. Keturaj slaps his son Keerat on hi defeat.Keerat wants revenge. Sunaian & Sumer tells about thier hatred towards each other to  their relatives.Sumer comes to know bout his fixed wedding. Bhanu & Udayveer stuck with a problem where a girl wants to marry her love instead of arrange marriage.Both gives decision in favour of girl's choice which is opposed by boy's father. Sumer & Sunaina patch up.Machala talks to Surjan about him meeting Keturaj. Machala & Surjan plans something.Sumer & Sunaina hv mud-fight.Sumer reveals that what Sunaina tried to run off with was a picture of her.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2nd Week~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunaina is furious for what happened with her at Devgadh while on the other hand Sumer is feeling bad for Sunaina. Sumer sends her the same painting wrapped nicely again. An unidentified man advises Keturaj to move the illegal sandalwood away as soon as possible. Gayatri tells Udaiveer about Saavitri's proposal for Karamveer's marriage but Machchla and Surjan forwards the proposal of Kanchana, Surjan's sister, as a match for Karamveer. Sunaina comes to the temple and first breaks Sumer's bansuri and then later tears the unopened painting.Uday fixes Karanvir's marriage to Kanchana. Karanvir agrees.Sunaina decides to ask for forgiveness from Sumer.Machala is happy on his sis's marriage to Karanvir.Balvir & Machala argues on this matter. Keerat lies to both Sunaina & Sumer and send both of them into forest by cheating.Sumer and Sunaina find each other while thier parents are wooried for them & searching them.Sumer & Sunaina aplogize to each other & while leaving they both get stucked into trap made by Balveer. Sumer & Sunaina trying to save themselves from trap. On sunaina's insistance Sumer plays his flute which gives hint to Uday & Bhanu of thier presence. Both saves the kids.All are wonder on the fact that who placed the traps. Jamai Raja informs about Balvee. Blaveer admits but gives reason coz of which jamai-Raja & Blaveer got into an argument. Uday warns Balveer to control his anger.uday suspects somebody's invovement in Balver's actions. Bhima informs Keturaj that orijinal keeper of horse will meet Uday-Bhanu very soon so Keturaj orders Surjan to kill that horse. A worried & concerned Mastani comes to meet Children. Surjan & Balvir argue & Sarjan vows to teach him a lesson one day. Jamai Raja wants to leave but Chandrika tries to stop him & goes to Balveer to question him about this matter.Sumer & Sunaina plans something for Keerat. Both on their mission...Karanvir finds Surjan at horse-place. Karanvir & Masked Surjan hv a tiff but Bhima attcked Karanvir & he gets unconcious.Bhima takes horse.Everybody tells Karanveer to be careful. Surjan says he won't spare whoever did this to Karanvir. Uday says nobody will do anything without his permission. Karanvir gets attracted to a new girl at river side.Chandrika & Balver has an emotional talking.Balveer promises to take care of Balveer.Keerat friends asks him to get bananas from Sunaina's place.He hesitates but agrees.Keerat caught by Sumer & Sunaina with help of Daamu.Both Made Keerat's face muddy & made him donkey ride in front of whole village which is witnessed by keturaj too.Keerat vows not to spare Daamu,Sumer & Sunaina.Keturaj tells Bhima to kill Uday & Bhanu.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3rd Week~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sumer and Sunaina visit Mastani and tell her how they punished Keerat for his ill-deeds and for making their dear Mastani cry. When Karamveer comes back home, to his surprise people starts questioning him on the incident happened at the lake. He also sees Kanchana coming out of his house. He is a bit embarrassed about the whole incident. Mastani tells the kids not to let anyone ever create any differences in between them. Karamveer and Kanchana's marriage date is fixed while Keturaj meets the sharp shooter and is impressed with his skill.Pandit draws dates of Karamveer and Kanchana's wedding through Surjan's antics. Sumer and Sunaina take Kanchana for a haveli roundup, Karmveer joins them. Machchala goes to Bhanu's haveli and tells everyone about the marriage date of Karamveer and Kanchana.. At Ketu's den, he tells the sharp shooter to kill Jagtap on Janmasthmi festival. As Karamveer and kanchana's engagement ceremony happens at Devghar, Mastani invites everyone for the evening festival of Janmastami. The sharp shooter hired by Ketu aims at Jagtap but Mastani sees the shooter at the last moment and comes in between. The arrow hits Mastani.Mastani collapses on the ground as Balveer and Jagtaap chase the shooter to catch him. The shooter manages to escape with the help of Bhima. Mastani's condition becomes serious because of the poisonous arrow. Bhanu and Uday realize that that the arrow was not for Mastani but for the children. Keturaj gets mad at the shooter for not being able to complete the task assigned to him. Sumer and Sunaina decide to appease Lord Shiva so that he saves Mastani's life.Mastani calls Sumer and Sunaina as her protectors. Back home, everyone is worried about the whole incident and they fear for the safety of their children. Sumer and Sunaina start taking care of Mastani in their own way. Keerat feels bad about his missed chance to defeat Sumer and Sunaina when Dhamul informs him that Keturaj is being dragged by a horse, being taken to the panchayat by Balveer and Jagtap.
Jagtap reveals his evil intentions to destroy Udayveer and Bhanupratap. All family members are worried about the killer and they feel it's an insiders job! Chandrika is hurt and feels insulted from her own brother when Bhanu questions Jagtap. Bhanu clears all her misunderstanding and tells her that he needs to be sure about everything and everyone in this moment of anguish. Chandrika wakes up with a bad dream of Jagtap's death.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4th Week~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chandrika has a nightmare of Jagtap's death.Surjan made Balveer to go somewhere by trick. Sumer gifts Sunaina some jewelary.She promise to keep them safe always.Someone informs Jagtap to meet Balveer at Forest. agtap informs Chandrika about this & She gets worried. She tells him to come back soon as it's Karwa Chauth & She will wait for him.Balveer is informed that jagtap was stealing Chandan from jungle.bhima shoots the person who gives this info to Balveer.Balveer furiously searching for Jagtap.On other side Keturaj attack on Jagtap. Jagtap feels betrayed but still fights and ends up hving Keturaj disarm.Other side Ladies perform their rituals regading KarwaChauth.Bhima attacks Jagtap from behind & Keturaj kills Jagtap in meantime.Jagtap Dies.Balveer takes Jagtap's body to home which made shocked everyone specially Chandrika. Chadrika is going to turn into a widow but Bhanu stops her & vows that She'll not be a widow until he gets revenge. Uday consoles Bhanu.Jagtap's rituals being done. Chandrika convinces Uday & Bhanu to let Karanveer's wedding.While returning home Keturaj Manupulates her mind that Balveer killed jagtap.Chandrika informs about Keturaj's info to everyonw at home. Bhanu disbelief. Bhanu threaten Keturaj to tell him truth. Bot Surjan & Keturaj dramatically lies to him. Furious Bhanu goes to Murder site where He fights with Balveer. Balveer told him that he didn't killed Jagtapa but Bhanu disagrees & both fights without swords.Surjan informs about this fight to Uday.Sumer & Sunaina informs this to Mastani.Balveer and Bhanu have a fist to fist fight. Karamveer sees them when Bhanu strikes Balveer with a sword and kills him, just as Uday and Mastani reach him. BUT, Karamveer comes in b/w Bhanu goes to attack Balveer again but Uday screams his name and he stops.While Dying Karanveer promises to marry Kanchana in next birth & makes Balveer promise to look after everyone.Everyone upsets on Karanveer's death. Bhanu informs everyone that his revenge is done & made Chandrika widow.by wiping her sindoor.Bhima informs Keturaj that Bhanukilled Karanveer. Keturaj thanx god for this.Other side Bhanu & Uday officially announce thier enemity & break up all relation. Bhanu came to know about Uday's threat via. Sumer.{Uday & Bhanu fights but stopped by Mastani & Children. Both Separate their respective children & leaving a crying Mastani.Both Children opposed their parents on their decision on which both parents decides to send them Gurukul. both Sumer & Sunaina tries to run from Gurukul but cuaght by heads.Kundan is introduce who misbehaves with Sumer & challenges him. Sumer quitely leaves & boh Bunaina &Sumer badly missing each other.Both imagined each other. Sunaina tries to escape but caught up by Durgeshwari.Otherside 2 kids help Sumer secretly but interrupted by Kundan who challenges Sumer to hv a sword fight. While fighting both Sumer & kundsan shown to be grown-ups & other side Sunaina is also shown to be a grown up whicle a duel dance compettion.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5th Week~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunaina wins her dance duel and Sumer wins his fight and they are congratulated. Kundan& Uttara vows to teach lesson to Sumer & Sunaina respectively. Sunaina & Sumer shars their feelings with their friends.Uday & Gayatri missing Sumer & his his leeter. other side Sunaina & Sumer deeply love each other & missing a lot each other. Both desires to meet. Both leaves to visit for Dilbarshah ki Dargah for getting their lost love but miss each other unknowingly.They both come to the Dargah and pray side by side. They pray wanting to know more about each other unknowingly that the other is just beside them. other, smile and walk the other way, Both ties thread to the tree simultaneously.They then pray at the Dargah again, see each  other & smile and walk the other way, Sunaina feels Sumer's presence& shares her happiness with Ratna,her friend. While resting Sumer is asked by a Banjaran to play flute. Sumer hv some emotional flashbacks while playing flute. Sunaian recognise the music & Runs towrds it. Sumer stops & leavs dejectedly.Meanwhile Sunaina reached there and asked about her bajayiya.That banjaran informed her about Sumer's presence & shows her  back of Sumer who just left that Place. Sunaina cries & Both banjaran & Ratna consloes her.Sunaina encounters to Durgeshwari on returning back to Gurukul which is witnessed by Uttara. As punishment Sunaina is made to clean floor & Uttara made her suffer more. Other Side Kundan threatens Sumer that he'll burn Sunaina's Pic. A furious Sumer attacks him & saves Sunaina's Pic.Durgeshwari wonders on Sunaian's changed behavious. Both Sumer & sunaina prays to god to let them meet to their love.Ratna informs Sunaina about a Fair & there might be some chances of meeting her Bajayia. Sunaina excitedly agrees. otherside A teacher chooses Sumer for showing his skills at fair. kundan vows to fail that plan.Durgeshwari offers a challenge to beat Uttara in hiorse riding if Sunaina wants to join Fir. Sunaina accepts. sumer tells his problem to fortune teller & he gives a riddle which made him confused.Uttara made fun of Sunaina & Sunaina tells her that she'll break her pride.Sumer doesn't know where to find her nochori?Sumer thinks he will meet her at the place that Mastani knows.Sunaina tries to learn horsriding for sompetition on other side Sumer along with his friend waiting for Sunaina.Sunaina requests horse to help her in meeting her bajayia & Horse nighs...It took her to Sumer where some men warns her to be careful. Sumer goes to rescue.Sumer lifts Sunaina off her horse on to his and she ends up sitting on Sumer's lap.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6th Week~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunaina's friends make fun of her when Durgeshwari refuses to allow her to compete with Uttara at the mela. Sunaina is upset about not being allowed to go to the mela and thereby not able to meet Sumer, just when Ratna comes and informs her a way out that will enable her to meet Sumer at the mela. Garjan Singh tells Anandi to spy on every student of Gurukul and give him full report on each one's activity.Sunaina walks up to Durgeshwari and tells her everything about Sumer. Durgeshwari allows to let her go to the mela finally. Sunaina is excited about the prospect of being able to meet Sumer and she's waiting to be in his arms. Baba tells Sumer that he did meet the love of his life recently'Sumer wonders who it could be! Unaware of Sunaina's identity, Sumer stops her and asks her identity to which she just walks away. Due to Sumer's intrusion, she loses her race against Uttara. Sunaina is very upset about losing the competition and decides to get even with the one who is responsible for her loss. She takes a knife and rushes towards Sumer accidentally; Sumer gets hit on his head and suffers a severe injury. Sunaina unaware of Sumer's identity goes away from there.Sunaina senses that her bajaiya is in some serious trouble. She starts doing tandav dance in front of Shiva's idol. On the other hand, Sumer is still not showing any signs of recovery. Sunaina is getting tired dancing but she does not stop. Sumer regains his consciousness. Garjan Singh goes to meet Durgeshwari and tells her about the incident involving Sunaina. During the night, one masked man comes inside Sunaina's room and puts a sword on her neck.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7th Week~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Garjan Singh decides to lead his Gurukul in the sword fighting competition at the mela. Sumer tells Garjan Singh he will lead the Gurukul's team as he is the best fighter in the Gurukul. Durgeshwari persuades Sunaina to go to the mela for the sake of her love. When Uttara gets to know that Sunaina has been in love with someone for the last 15 years and hopes to meet him at the mela, she vows not to let it happen.Everyone from Drona Gurkul and Eklavya Gurukul leaves for the mela to take part in various competitions. Both the Gurukuls make their camp right opposite to each other for the night stay. Sunaina and her friends go by the river side to fetch water for the camp to be intervened by Kundan who seems to have other plans in his mind.Sumer and his friends try to make a fool out of Sunaina and her friends and in return Sunaina and her friends take their clothes and run away. Somehow they manage to reach their camp but to their shock they find themselves right in front of Durgeshwari and Garjan Singh. They are highly embarrassed. When Kashi tells Sumer that there is no food left for Garjan Singh he decides to steal it from the girls champ.Sumer, Anandi and Madhoo succeed in stealing the food from the girls camp but as they are leaving Uttara sees them but can't recognize them since they have disguised themselves as women in sarees. Durgeshwari gets to know that there is no food left for them and scolds Uttara for being so careless but then they come to know that Garjan Singh's boys are responsible for the theft. Durgeshwari tells Garjan about the whole incident. Durgeshwari and Garjan Singh decides that all the girls and boys will share the food with each other. Sumer and Sunaina end up holding the same plate together. All the boys and girls are dancing. Sumer and Sunaina, unknowingly; start competing against each other as they had done during childhood days when they are attacked by the dacoits who kidnaps Sunaina and takes her away. Sumer chases the dacoits and after an fierce fight with them manages to save Sunaina. He reaches the camp site with an unconscious Sunaina in his arms. Everyone is shocked.

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Story continued..............

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~8th Week~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dacoits kidnaps Sunaina and takes her away. Sumer chases the dacoits and after an fierce fight with them manages to save Sunaina. He reaches the camp site with an unconscious Sunaina in his arms. Everyone looks concerned. Ratna informs Sunaina about whole incident when she gains conciouness. Sunaian too recalls how Sumer helped & saved her. Sunaina's friends insist her that she should convey Thanx to Sumer. At boys camp, all friends prasing & teasing Sumer. Garjan singh too praises Sumer & told him how he was feeling proud of being his teacher. Durgeshwari too comes there to thanx them for saving her student's life. Other side Kundan being furious beat decoits on failing his plan. Uttara witness his confess regarding all his plan. She shakes hand with him so both planned something evil for Sumer-Sunaina as both are their rivals. Garjan singh orders Kundan to repair tyre of chariot soon. Kundan smirks. Sumer is remembering his Nachori & desires to meet her suddenly Sunaina comes their. He imagines his Nachori in Sunaina as she forwading towards him.Sunaina thanx him. After her departure Sumer thinks his nachori would be like that bigdi billi(Sunaina).Sunaina cries on finding her gifted Anklets missing. Uttara gives that anklets to Kundan & they plan something. While Ratna consoling Sunaina an arrow lifts towards them with a leteer which shows a msg by Sunaina's Bajayiya..Sunaina gets happy & excited. Sunaina happily runs to Forest. Sumer asks about her hurry but she ignores him which made him confused. sumer while remembering her nachori at night playing flute which made sunaina assure of her Bajayiya's presence so she runs towards the music excitedly. Sumer left the place & meantime Sunaina reached there. Kundan tries to act like her Bajayiya by showing her anklets but Sunaina gets suspicious when Kundan mentions that he left flute a long time back. Sunaina tries to escape on knowing real intentions of Kundan but he blocked her way. Other side Sumer is informed by his friends that Kundan s missing which made him suspicious when he recalls Sunaina going to jungle. He saved Sunaina from Kundan but some tribe people takes Sunaina with them for her juggernaught.Tribal doctor informs the head that girl is under the influence of some spirit that's why she is unconcious. Suner & his friends hiding themselves & noticing everything.Sumer find an idea on hearing this. Sumer with his friends comes there in disguise of a saint who checks the spirit influence. The head beleieves them & permit them to treat the girl. Sumer alone with Sunaina hwile treatment tells about his whole plan to her 7 how they will rescue from the situation. but the real saint comes their at meantime & tells about their identity so the head punish them. Head asks Sumer about his relation with Sunaian on which he declairs her as his fiancee. Head doesn't believe them & ask them to do a test to prove themselves as couple coz according to tribe's rule they can juggernaut an engaged couple.On other side Everybody is worried about Sunaina-Sumer except Kundan & Uttara.

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