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Cooking;, important skill in life?

Posted: 2008-08-23T10:43:54Z
hi guysSmile.. urm.. well.. am sort ov new to this sectionSmile, i never post here usually [actuali i do drop by sumtimes but still never post] but todai i realli felt the urge to post as i know there r alot of people arnd that know tons abt cookingTongue, here i am with a question, for my self and for u tooBig smile..
Is cooking that important?.. if yes then y?.. n if no then y not?Confused
now some of u must b thinkin, 'wat the hell is rong with her?'Confused.. but i just had to ask as i reli hate hate hate cooking!Ouch.. sori for disapointing any1 who luvs cooking, am not against it n i reli apreciate it tht it's a skillful thing to do but i'm just not into itOuch.. am a total foodie but i hate cookingLOL.. thts d second wierd thing abt me.. i luv eating but cooking is just not d thing for meConfused.. i just hate it.. i can never think of doing itConfused.. am nearly 14 and my mum keeps on bugging me to learn cooking of her[i kno priti young but all my friends know how to cook daily things n i dntOuch] but i just dnt prefer doing it.. it's just not my kinda thing.. i dnt even like it as a hobby, never mind aproaching it to learn it as a essential thing for lifeConfused.. i've alwais hated it since childhood, wen it cums to cooking i'm just not keen at itConfusedDead. n now even if i learn it i'm going to b the worst one at it!Ouch, but as i'm growing up i do realise how necessary it can b to b able to cook.. but i reli dnt wona do it, but i realise tht i'm going to have to learn it some point in my life, if not nowOuch, n if not for any1 else.. atleast for my self i will ave to do it, as i wount alwais have my parents to cook for me.. so should i take up d chalenge or not?.. i'm reli stuck on itConfused.. there's d thought 'i dnt like doing it.. so y shud i do itConfused' n there's the other one 'ur going to have to do it, if not now later in lifeOuch' .. dear cooks.. do help me out.. n please do not curse me for not liking to cookLOL.. inspite of being a food-o-holicTongue..
so.. wat do u think.. is cooking reli tht important or not?Smile
do reply ur views n suggestionsSmile..
thanks for ur timeSmile..
x. RadhikaTongue
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Posted: 2008-08-23T12:30:21Z

of course cooking is important. to me, it is a skill in life. lol out of all my cousins, i'm the best "chef."

my parents always used to tell me to learn how to cook because one day i'll have to cook for my own family. lol all they ever thought about was how i'll need it after marriage. but i always did watch. i mean.. you don't have to cook things you don't like to cook.
i started off by cooking my boxed items.. lol kraft mac & cheese. i started off by learned how to use the stove top.. oven.. toaster.. etc.
and then from their i started challenging myself.. cooking home made foods. i even bought cook books.
then.. i took the challenge to cook indian food. lol i'm not a big fan of indian food. i'm waay to picky. soo i only make things i eat.
i even make roti. lol i can never make an exact 360 degree roti like my mom haha.. but atleast it tastes good and all. Tongue

i guess you should start off like that.
you can't expect to have your parents cook in the future.. unless your hubby happens to be a chef. and you really can't expect to eat fast foods and restaruant foods forever.
soo try little steps at a time.
it might be cause cooking is my hobbie.. but try. Smile
Posted: 2008-08-26T16:04:57Z
even i jus hate coookkkiiingg
its so annoying when parents keep forcing me to learn i jus hate it
and i jus hate the fact that girls have to do outside work as well as the house work
to people it seems like god has made girls to do all the household work
how dumb
Posted: 2008-08-30T10:45:13Z
hey radhika...i am an absolute brilliant cook.....ok enough of my praises but really cooking is like my passion.....its an amazing feeling when someone genuinely praises ur food....i mean its ok that you hate to cook its not a crime!!! i mean i understand standing in kitchen it can be a bit hot a bit too hot!!!at times...nd u get tired standing up....u just want to sit down for a bit nd chill....but u knw when you cook and no one ever bother praises it i just stop cooking for a while and then amaze everyone with my food!!!!!! am not really sure what to write ......i mean cooking is damn important part of will have to learn it one day or the other....suppose you go to a uni abroad..or a different city and trust me we can't survive on junk or outside for long....and its not the healthiest option of all!!!!!!!
i mean u r really young don't bother listening to your mom you will learn cooking wih tym!!!! dont worry!!!!! just sit nd me its a gr8 feelin wen ma sis kooks nd i just sit down n eat!!!!!!! so njoy it while u can!!!!!!!
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Posted: 2008-08-30T14:32:28Z
i love cooking.
eating is even better, though.
Posted: 2008-08-30T21:25:49Z
Originally posted by spyrulzdworld

even i jus hate coookkkiiingg
its so annoying when parents keep forcing me to learn i jus hate it
and i jus hate the fact that girls have to do outside work as well as the house work
to people it seems like god has made girls to do all the household work
how dumb
I agree with u.......i understand unfair for girlsAngryits not that i hate cooking..its just that it feels soooooo unfairCrylike they have to balance everything
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Posted: 2008-09-01T10:57:37Z
hawww =D.. sho many replies lol.. will reply soon to evri1's comment.. thansk for d comments!

x. Radhika
Posted: 2008-09-01T22:02:23Z
Cooking is very important.  They start this in school in these days.  Even boys cook.  Outside food is not nutritious all the time and contains preservatives.  Its ok occasionally.  Also what if someone has allergies to certain foods?  It is important that everyone learns to cook.Tongue

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