Neha Devi Singh in a new show

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Posted: 15 years ago
"after doing soaps like Kasamh Se and Kahe Na Kahe Karan Hukku will now be seen in a horror episodic of Shh..Phir Koi Hai on Star One.

This episode that will be aired on August 14 is an Independence Day episode. It also casts Neha Devi Singh who was seen in Saarthi.

Talking about this episode, Karan said, "I play the role of a man who is a boss in the office. He is a workaholic and patriotic. He is working hard on a campaign named 'Leading India' for Independence Day. To further this campaign, he buys a new office which is haunted by a British ghost. I know the British ghost thing sounds funny but it is interesting."

On asking him the reason for accepting a horror episodic, he replied, "I have been doing usual soaps since quite sometime. So I wanted to try something new and different. It is great working in this show as things are much organised and these guys are good pay masters."

So you wouldn't mind doing a horror show again, right? He says, "Right but only if the script is good."

A patriotic horror story with a British ghost! Now, is that what they call different?"


Now, someone can tell me if its true.........

If it is, plz upload its video..... Where ll i be able to find its video on this site?

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