Rangeela Completed G

Part 7

Published On Thursday,Feb 29, 2024 10:06 AM GMT-07:00

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Jasmine @jasminerahul 1 months ago Anupre restaurant scene was nice.but sadly anurag's plan to propose to prerna flopped again.sad that shekar is insecure with prerna getting more attention.hope everything gets solved.i liked prerna telling anurag that she wants to dine with him.guess anurag doesn't want prerna to act because of his jealousy when she acts with others.surprising that anulika got selected as a pair in the movie.komolika told anurag that when prerish see them act together they will understand their feelings.will they understand it?bajaj telling prerna what komolika calls him...those dialogues were really good. Anupre dream dance song was nice.gosham conversation and the song sequence were romantic. Shocking that rajesh had faced a heart break.superb pics.loved your edits.
coderlady @coderlady 1 months ago Will Anurag follow the advice and tell Prerna about his feelings before it is too late?
coderlady @coderlady 1 months ago Anurag and Komolika are hitting it off well. They have the same viewpoint too.
coderlady @coderlady 1 months ago Anurag thinks he will protect Prerna from the industry if he goes along too.
coderlady @coderlady 1 months ago Another bad ending for Anurag. He went out to an expensive place but lost the attention from Prerna.
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