Rangeela Completed G

Part 6

Published On Wednesday,Feb 28, 2024 20:54 PM GMT-07:00

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Jasmine @jasminerahul 1 months ago Bajaj getting impressed by prerna's dance and offering her work was nice.i think you put the pic of prerna dancing and bajaj watching it in the wrong place.sad that she couldn't perform well for the scene.i liked bajaj encouraging prerna not to give up.anurag training her to rehearse the dialogues and prerna performing well was nice.why komolika is becoming uncomfortable when bajaj acts with male actors like sujal?bajaj talking about trusting each other was nice.anurag is making plans to propose prerna.but sadly she is too busy to spend time with anurag.ckerk producer scene was funny.perfect pics and edits.but I wish you had put bajaj komolika pics too.
coderlady @coderlady 1 months ago Prerna has moved in to her new circle and Anurag is left out. His plans did not work out.
coderlady @coderlady 1 months ago Anurag helped out once he understood the gravity of the situation. It worked too.
coderlady @coderlady 1 months ago Sonakshi leaving has opened the door for Prerna to make her entry. She has a chance.
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