Taarey : Kalank Nahi Kajal Hai Ishq piya

Taarey : Kalank Nahi Kajal Hai Ishq piya Ongoing

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She is stuck in unwanted marriage where her husband torcher her day and night.she locked every emotion in her heart but he come in her life she try hard to resist him, his love for her still his unconditional love attract her towards him but she is not allowed to love again bcoz she belongs from a orthodox village where male is always right old thinking rules Loving him means risking his life He want to love her he want to free her from her unwanted marriage. He want to gave her Princess treatment and every happiness of the world,He is ready to fight with world for his love but is it easy for him when his parents her society not ready to accept them. Will there love going to cross all obstacles or they are going to lose against society.
Author's Note:
This story is not a sweet and cute one, as it contains some social issues but definitely it contains true love . If you love sweet cute stories than pls avoid it. Otherwise update it into your library for further updates
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