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Published On: Thursday,Feb 29, 2024 15:17 PM GMT-07:00

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Sahiba Kaur Monga, the breadwinner of her family gets entangled in a matrimony to the heir apparent of the Brar Jewellers, Angad Singh Brar.

Angad, a sophisticated businessman, was supposed to get married to the 'woman-of-his-dreams' Seerat. Due to Seerat ditching their wedding, he had to get married to her younger sister, Sahiba.

Their story was a typical ''Groom weds the Bride's younger sister'' cliche.

On the other hand, Seerat was in love with Garry, Angad's younger cousin. Garry was a jealous, greedy and selfish man who loved playing with a girl's feelings. Entangled in his fake promises, Seerat was on the path to a ruined life.

While her elder sisters were busy in their own problems, Keerat found a friend and confidante in the youngest Brar, Veer. It was still early to see whether he would stand by her side like a true friend when troubles start.

Three sisters, vastly different from each other, get entangled with the three heirs of the Brar's in various relationships.

Yeh Doriyaaan traces their journey from the starting to the end, hoping to showcase various facets of a relationship.
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