The Burnt

The Burnt Ongoing G

Published On: Friday,Sep 01, 2023 02:10 AM GMT-06:00

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Story on one sided childhood love where the deep faith in love is tarnished. She creates a perfect picture of him and he makes sure to break his own perfect image piece by piece. Will his penance ever end? Will his remorse and penance be able to remove 'The Burnt' she has. The story travels two and forth from past to present, each having it's own story.
Author's Note:
I am aware that I have many fictions running on so I should not start a new one. I have just placed introductions to this one and will start once I finish any of my ongoing story.

The plot and emotions are completely carved in my mind for this story. i have to just pen it down.

Hope you all will enjoy and participate with me in this journey of Maaneet as well.

Trigger Warning:
Strongly Emotional journey, demeaning words, mistreatment, Deep remorse and penance
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