Those Days In Exile

Those Days In Exile Ongoing G

Published On: Friday,Mar 31, 2023 15:18 PM GMT-06:00

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"While going out from dyut sabha, I was guilt ridden, ashamed, beyond hurt from my inside. I was not angry with anyone but myself. I knew that whatever happened today was only my fault. It was me, who staked my kingdom, my people, my brothers and my wife. I failed miserably from being a good son, a good brother, a good husband and a good king. Do I still deserve the title of Dharmaraj?"

This story is based on the events happened in the life of Pandavas after the unfair game of dice. The incidents have been described from the view point of Dharmaraj Yudhishthira, being the protagonist of this story. I feel that the period of exile was most difficult for eldest Pandava, because he was guilt ridden, and ashamed for his deeds. His family has not yet forgiven him. His heart was bleeding with self hatred, yet he cannot confide to anyone, not even his wife and his brothers. He bottled up all his emotions within himself and continued bearing the pain inflicted by his brothers' and his wife's rude remarks from time to time.

During the exile period of Pandavas, many significant incidents took place, which have been mentioned in the original version of this epic, which has not been shown in these serials to avoid high production cost to shoot such sequences. In this story, I will try to weave all these incidents along with a bits and fractions of my own imaginations and present it to you in the best possible manner I can.
Trigger Warning:
The story will contain some imaginary fragments to make it more appealing to the reader. In the story, descriptions of some incidents may mild contain violence. Readers' discretion is advised.
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