Fallen Guardian

Fallen Guardian Completed G

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A OS from Raghav's PoV.
Author's Note:
I thought of writing about Raghav's brotherly bond with his younger brother. In the show, we get to see glimpses of the loving boy Raghav used to be, his bond with his siblings and how they were a happy family, him being his Amma's favorite. I wanted to pen this down for what may be Raghav's inner turmoil. He must have been a father figure to his younger brother, as all older siblings are. He must have loved his youngest sibling the most. The guilt of him being the reason of his brothers death must be a cruel emotion for anyone to feel, I cannot even imagine how his heart holds up every single day. So this was for the brothers, sibling love, one of the most pure bonds in one's life.
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Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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