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Kāzavā Ugā Dāvito Divā
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Wednesday,Dec 07, 2022 11:56 AM GMT-07:00

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Summary: Show: Tujhyāta Jīva Raṅgalā.

On their honeymoon, Anjali discovered that Ranavijay was illiterate. As a teacher, she thought that with encouragement and discipline, he would learn to love reading as much as she did. However, when she heard that Ranavijay's mother had died while he was failing his reading test, she understood his bibliophobia, his fear that if he tried to read, Anjali would die.
Author's Note: The title - meaning "The Firefly Gives Unwanted Light" - is from a Marathi song by G. D. Madgulkar about wanting the night to be darker so that lovers can find their way to each other. The night Ranavijay took Anjali to see fireflies was the most joyous moment of her life, but he doesn't want her to illuminate his life with literacy.

This twenty-word story was an entry in the MicroPhobia contest. Trigger Warning: Extent of Trigger Warnings : just a mention ; Trigger Warnings : mention of death of a character, mention of mental health issue.

No Content Warnings.

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