Predestined Love

Predestined Love Ongoing M

Published On: Friday,Aug 12, 2022 06:42 AM GMT-06:00

eye 1365 star 1 book 2

Aditya + Zoya - (BEPANNAH AU)

"Fated to be one, destined to love."


Aditya and Zoya are forced to marry one another to benefit their respective companies and with the looming pressure from their parents, there is no other choice. They must work through their differences to get along for the sake of the conditions that their arranged marriage brings along but will they be able to diminish the layer of hatred that has formed between them and succumb to temptation & love?
Author's Note:
There is a moderate use of swear words. If any of the themes are triggering or aren't for you then please don't read this story.
Trigger Warning:
Moderate mentions of trauma, mental health issue, substance usage, infidelity, violence.
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