Meri Mishty Kaun?

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Is love based on physical beauty and attraction i.e. facial beauty, hair, fairness, large eyes etc. or one’s inner soul? Can physically two identical persons arouse identical emotional responses in their beloved i.e. love, jealousy, possessiveness etc.?
Author's Note:
ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, RELIGIOUS TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, hospital/office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHS DOWNLOADED DO NOT BELONG TO ME BUT BELONG TO THE ORIGINAL UPLOADER. I HAVE JUST USED THEM AS THEY GO WITH MY STORY! I have NO KNOWLEDGE of medical field, medical procedures and medical terminology. Its just my way of showing how critical, tense and life threatening atmosphere is there in the hospital. I don’t intend to disrespect surgeons, doctors, medical staff, para medical staff or hospital administration. On the contrary I have great admiration for them. Kindly excuse me if unknowingly I hurt someone’s sentiments. I apologise in advance.
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Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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