I Can't Stop Thinking about You

I Can't Stop Thinking about You Completed

Published On: Friday,Nov 05, 2021 17:36 PM GMT-06:00

eye 1161 star 6 book 2

Six years have passed since Taani's marriage (and divorce). A lot of things have changed since then, except for Rey's feelings for her.
Author's Note:
Based on the Prompt by Veera94 (in the Submit Writmg Prompt thread) who requested for Taani to be more involved in Rey's life and to include Taani and Rey's relationship with Vishwesh and Kriya (respectively). I wrote a sort of fix-it epilogue for the show, because the writers did Taani (and Rey) real dirty. A huge thank you to the super amazing LizzieBennet for her inputs. Titles from Harry Potter-DH2 and Pride and Prejudice.
Refine by Genre: Romance
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