WaaQT- (Time Never Remains Same)

WaaQT- (Time Never Remains Same) Ongoing

Published On: 2021-07-18T15:59:09Z

eye 1775 star 11 book 5

it's a completely fictional story in D3 show characters Taarey not related to reality , This is a story of Taani and Rey,Taani is suffering because of Rey and his deeds but still she never wished bad for him but as it's famous saying Karma never leave anyone what's goes around comes around so fate decide to Punish Rey and played a game with him because of which after 5 years Taarey come face to face now it's time for Rey to Pay,Repent and search happiness for himself and Taani but is this easy or he is going to loose everything Karma is eternal
Author's Note:
Just a fictional story on Taarey
Refine by Genre: Romance Love Story

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