The Judas Kiss

The Judas Kiss Completed

Published On: 2021-04-22T23:15:40Z

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Short Story chronicling the last few days between Anika and Shivaay before their paths converge for good!
Author's Note:
I started watching IB after it was well past 75 episodes. After IPKKND, GK's choppy scripts and plots weren't up to par with what I wanted to see in soaps. I couldn't ever keep up with the show. Never watched a single episode fully till date yet write a bunch of material. I have to credit the cast and background score for that inspiration. About the SS, it's vaguely in-line with the IB OS I've written. I wanted to write something where for once a GK heroine wasn't dying to run back to the dark, smoldering and handsome hero. I love NM but his character is terrible. I didn't really do a great job at sketching out the details of his character in this SS but I tried my best to put up a good open-ended exit of Anika as n alternative. As of now, I haven't seen the episodes nor any clips since Tia revealed that she's expecting. Leave your remarks, critiques and reviews long or short on the thread. It would mean a lot.
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