Zubin Dutt enters as Keshav Pandit's right hand..

New face, Zubin Dutt will play a pivotal role in Balaji Telefilms and Zee TVs’ weekend thriller, Keshav Pandit..

Ekta Kapoor's latest novel adaptation on Zee TV under the aegis Keshav Pandit with Sarwar Ahuja playing the lead role, has hit the television screens last weekend and seems to have captured a fairly good audience response.

The second episode which will be aired this Saturday is equally promising, and will lay a foundation to Keshav's fight for the needy. And this will mark the entry of the second lead of the show, Zubin Dutt.

A little birdie informed us that, "As the serial is tagged to be an episodic, this weekend's chapter would unveil yet another law pursuit of a bank driver who gets convicted for a crime he hasn't committed, and Keshav Pandit helps him get justice. The role is to be enacted by Zubin Dutt who can be tagged as the second lead of the show."

The guy who gets saved by Keshav Pandit goes on to join Keshav in his fight for truth.

When contacted, Zubin Dutt confirmed the news saying, "Yes I'm part of the serial and my character name is Mangal. My character is strong and serious, at the same time very comical. It serves as a cool breeze to the audience during intense scenes. My role could be regarded as a right hand to Keshav Pandit."

Zubin who had earlier done an episode in Koi Aane Ko Hai and certain television advertisements explains his occurrence with the show. "As per the character requirement I had to put on some weight and grow my hair; also had to work a lot to get a hold on the Allahabad accent. The experience has been amazing and quite challenging."
We wish Zubin Dutt all the luck!

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy

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Comments (6)

First Episode was good, lets see what happend in future

14 years ago

nice show.................
but ya the part with rajat tokas was so very heart touching and rajat is just awesome...
i hope sarwar carries out a work work

14 years ago

i agree gud response was bcoz of rajat..hope that second episode also gets the same response...my my my...ekta serials have gud responses only for time being then the serial turns out to be a disaster...

14 years ago

good response was bcus of Rajat tokas .thanx

14 years ago

Mangal's case will prove as the foundation for Keshav's law pursuits
Mangal will entrust him with his own case and Keshav will get limelight as a competent and efficient lawyer without a degree after this....
Gr8 development!!!

I had assumed that Keshav's own case'll be solved first
But I guess that's where reality steps in here and Keshav will solve Mangal's case with as much vigour as he would've done with his own case

14 years ago

he is handsome and the is very intressting:) all the best with show im watching the show as well realy i just love the first episode:)..........

Love Leena:)

14 years ago

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