Zee TV's 'Woh Apna Sa' enters the big league on TRP Charts- here's how!

And the cast is ecstatic about it!


Zee TV launched the much-awaited project, Woh Apna Sa over six months ago which marked the comebacks of actresses, Disha Parmar and Ridhi Dogra Vashisth apart from starring actor, Ssudeep Sahir as the male lead.

Since then, the show has been receiving mixed response when it comes to the rating charts, as it has touched the 1 point plus mark at times but has also witnessed a downfall on some occasions.

However, this week the ratings completely took a turn, infact the show had the best ratings since its launch.

Yes, that's right! Woh Apna Sa fetched 1.5 points on the rating charts this week for the first time since its inception and the cast was evidently ecstatic. They even went on to celebrate the occasion-

We wish the cast and crew of the show loads of Congratulations!


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Tacker_Holic 3 years ago Disha Parmar, Ridhi Dogra Vashisth and Sudeep Sahir have made this possible! Their stellar performances in Woh Apna Sa has helped the show reach great heights! Keep going strong team!
Deb07 3 years ago Idiot it's 1.6. The show is extremely good show from the beginning, it was low rating just because of some rival stupid shows with sas bahu crap and disgusting chemistry between lead pair which works only for some selected banana head audience. Wo apnasa is great show. Hope it will go to number one. Disha and Sudip both of you are doing great job. All the best. The show will be number 1 soon.
altgr 3 years ago I am very happy for my favourite show Woh Apna Sa
Alikhan2158 3 years ago U totally deserve team Woh Apna Sa. The show is a breath of fresh air. Love Disha Parmar Riddhi Dogra and Sudeep Sahir lots. I'm sure I read the trp was 1.6 last week. Hope the trp goes 2+ next week. Pls beat KKB
altgr 3 years ago Sudeep Sahir, Ridhi Dogra Vashisth and Disha Parmar are doing great work in Woh Apna Sa
Chi_prachi 3 years ago Yayyy... Congratulations to all. Love Disha Parmar, Ssudeep Sahir and Riddhi Dogra Vasisht. Loving AdVi as a couple.
I am very happy
luv_virmaan 3 years ago Yayyy! Woh Apna Sa really deserves high trps. Ssudeep Sahir, Disha Parmar and Ridhi Dogra Vashisht are doing a fabtastic job.
Love the show
altgr 3 years ago Woh Apna Sa deserves all the success. Sudeep Sahir, Ridhi Dogra Vashisth and Disha Parmar are doing amazing work.
...Deeksha.... 3 years ago THEY ACTUALLY DESERVED IT.

For me Namkaran, Woh apna are most promising serials. All the characters are excellent. Not some supernatural or past history shit. Neat and clear concept.

Disha Parmar and Ridhi Dogra hats off to both and all the best really wanted this show in top 5.
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