Zee TV’s Main Hoon Aparajita clocks 200 episodes; actors share happiness

200 episodes and counting for Zee TV’s popular show - Main Hoon Aparajita

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Cast of 'Main Hoon Aparajita'

Zee TV’s fiction show - Main Hoon Aparajita - has won the hearts of millions of viewers with its engaging storyline and relatable characters. Focusing on the journey of Aparajita (Shweta Tiwari), a doting mother of 3 daughters who is preparing them for the roller coaster called life after her husband Akshay (Manav Gohil) finds love outside of the marriage, the show keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. With several more twists and turns in the pipeline, it looks like the show is poised for a glorious run. However, while the audience is excited to find out how the story progresses, the cast and crew of Main Hoon Aparajita recently celebrated the success of 200 episodes.


The Main Hoon Aparajita team, which has been working to entertain their audience, decided to take a celebratory break where the cast and crew gathered for a small cake-cutting ceremony and captured numerous selfies with the unsung heroes - the technicians that toil behind-the-scenes. While they had a gala time together, the team is also hopeful of celebrating many such milestones in the future as well!


Shweta Tiwari said, "On behalf of the entire cast and crew of Main Hoon Aparajita, I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this wonderful journey with us. In fact, while we all are happy on completing 200 episodes, we also feel there are many chapters yet to be written. Playing the role of Aparajita has been an incredible opportunity for me and I am grateful to have had the chance to work with such a talented and supportive team, who has helped me bring this complex character to life. But ultimately, the success of Main Hoon Aparajita is all thanks to our audience. Their enthusiasm and support for the show has been overwhelming. The idea is to entertain and engage our viewers with a compelling storyline and characters that they have grown to love. Here's to many more episodes and many more adventures to come!"


Adding to the excitement, Manav Gohil said, “Our audience has showered us with love and appreciation for Main Hoon Aparajita, and we wouldn't have achieved this milestone without their unwavering support. It feels like only yesterday when we began filming the show, and now we have already reached 200 episodes. Our viewers have become fond towards our characters, and I hope that this affection will stay for a long time to come. I remain enthusiastic about portraying the role of Akshay and presenting fresh dimensions of my character in the times to come. Here’s to celebrating many more accomplishments with my team soon.”


While the team celebrates 200 episodes, viewers will be kicked to find out more about the upcoming twists and turns in the show that will turn the tale on its head.

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