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Zee Muzic presents 1 hour diwali special with SRK on BBIZ

Friday 9th November, the much awaited film 'Om Shanti Om' gets released. Zee Muzic on their special show BBiz bring you an hour long special chit chat between none other than King Khan and Taran Adarsh.

Published: Friday,Nov 09, 2007 10:50 AM GMT-07:00
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As the D-day for the film “Om Shanti Om” draws near, lot of speculations are being made. After a long gap, Shahrukh can be seen in a hardcore Masala film. Shahrukh too agrees to it partly. “It's the type of director that makes a film. If you have Shyam Benegal, you'll have one type of a film. If you have Govind Nihlani, you'll have another type. Similarly with Farah, you have a certain type of a film. Farah only makes commercial masala films. She is more like the Manmohan Desai of our times”, says King Khan.

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A calm and composed SRK quips, “I'm not nervous, I'm excited. There's nothing I can do now. Once the film is released, it is not mine anymore. It belongs to the audience. If a loved one moves to another world, you still love them, but there's a helplessness you face, of which you can do nothing about. That's how I feel. I'm only excited while making the film. The excitement of its release is with the audience.”

As far as doing a role opposite a new comer goes, he commented that they wanted a change, and not to carry on with some known face like Preity or Rani or Aishwarya as, then people would find it all the same. A witty SRK says, “I think Farah likes to cast heroines taller than me.” Talking about Shreyas Talpade, he says, “When I gave my first shot with Shreya, it was like after years I'm working with such a good actor. I almost felt like I was working with myself!!! I like his spontaneity. He's very talented.”

The film release clashes with the release of another big banner movie “Saawariya” with new faces Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam. Most feel it will now be a sort of competition between the two production houses. But Shahrukh himself feels differentlyh and makes it very clear to Taran Adarsh during the interview too. “If I tell you honestlyh I don't think there will be any competition. I'm not speaking out of arrogance or anything. For meh there's only one film releasing on the 9th of November and that's Om Shanti Om.” And then carrying on the humour, he adds, “Just like there's no one more handsome than my son, no girl prettier than my daughter, no one better than my sister, so anyone who competes will lose!”

But he also had encouraging remarks for Ranbir and Sonam. “I wish Ranbir and Sonam all the best. They're my friend's children. I started my career with Rishi Kapoor. I'm happy Ranbir is starting his career with me. I wish him all the best. I hope the luck I had while starting my career with Rishi Kapoor, gets passed on to him.”

Shahrukh when complimented to be a fantastic actor, and also an equally fantastic businessman agreed partly. “My marketing strategy never involves the talk of money. Here we make films, we're creative people. The Mona Lisa is priceless. She's not beautiful because of her price. It's because she's beautiful, she's priceless! I've learnt as a child that if you run after something you'll never get it. I never run after money, and so money comes after me! Maybe that's why I'm such a good businessman!” He talks more on his business policies, particularly with regard to the film “Om Shanti Om”. What does he have to say about the special gift he gave to Farah? He even lets know on the price he is being paid for every film. His views on the film “Sawariya” , and much more is what you can expect in his talk with the popular Critic Taran Adarsh...

To get to know all this, do tune in to the one hour long special show on BBiz on 9th Nov on ETC at 8:30pm and 11:30pm while on Zee Muzic at 10pm.

Author: Barnali

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bubble8pinky 15 years ago Hey you look very bad in movies and roles and lots you should improve
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batel4 15 years ago Shahrukh Khan is realy gentleman, we love him he the best,
From: Batel from Israel
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teelobhain 15 years ago I saw both the movies i.e. sawariya and om shanti om today yippieeee...andi feel that both are good in their own right and both are very very different from each other.
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-amruta- 15 years ago OSO will do much better than saawariya! I HOPE IT DOES!
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loverocks! 15 years ago Oso will do better ! let's see what happens !
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
live_life 15 years ago I hope saawariya will do better....cant wait to watch it in theater :).....i will watch oso online after I watch saawariya
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xarmaanloverx 15 years ago when is this gonna be shown in the uk??
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jasmine_triv 15 years ago I went to the premier of OSO at Leicester square and SRK looked a little strange with his hair in a pony-tail, but Arjun looked gr8 and every1 couldn’t stop screaming. But I think Saawariya will do better than this.
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Rita Shah
Rita Shah 15 years ago Thanks for the article. I wish him luck on releasing his OSO. But I feel that he is not that great of businessman. I think that real and honest businessman will not say that I'M THE GOD. But would share wish for all. I felt that he is nice person but still little erogant.
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T_fari 15 years ago can't wait to buy my own OSO CD today...
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