'Zee is a channel that has set excellent standard' - Sudeepa Singh

Sudeepa Singh, the protagonist of Zee's new serial Ardhangini - Ek Khoobsoorat Jeevan Sathi talks about her role and the serial..

The gorgeous and beautiful Sudeepa Singh, a product of Zee’s India’s Best Cinestars Ki Khoj, was first seen playing a blind girl in Sony’s Kabhie Toh Nazar Milao. Now, Sudeepa has been roped in for Jay Productions’ new serial Ardhangini – Ek Khoobsoorat Jeevan Sathi, where the show will earn credentials for being the only serial with a Bengali backdrop on TV right now.

Here is Telly Buzz reporter Hiral Anju Bhatt talking to the lead lady of the serial Sudeepa Singh.

Can you tell us something about your character?

I am playing a Bengali girl called Kangana. Kangana is a very happy go lucky, larger than life kind of a girl. She just loves everything about life. She is extremely beautiful, but her beauty becomes a curse for her. I can’t reveal about what goes wrong, but yea, she faces a lot of turmoil, yet she is very happy and learns to move on in life. She is in love with Priyam. She spends her entire childhood waiting for him. Other than this, I like the Bengali touch in the story; since my first name is Bengali, so I guess that's where the connection lies. (Laughs)

Doesn’t this remind you of Devdas?

Well, one can say that the extravagant sets, and the Bengali touch in the story might remind you of Devdas, but the story is quite different. Here we are really focusing on the Bengali element, as there aren’t many Bengali shows on Indian Television. So, I believe, this is the USP of this show.

How is it to be a part of Jay Productions?

Jai and Kinnari are an excellent team to work for. They are so professional, as well as friendly. The unit is just a mind blowing place to work for. The royal treatment that I get on the sets, it feels like its my first show.

How is Ajay Krish as a co actor?

He is a senior actor to me; he too keeps teasing me saying the same thing, that he has played an older character in a show on Zee. But on a serious note, he has helped me out a lot. He has been like a coach to me on the sets. We rehearse our scenes together; he is so enthusiastic and is a perfectionist in the scenes. I have honestly learnt a lot from him.

Was there any issue to re shoot the entire script, since Zee scrapped all your earlier episodes?

Zee is a channel that has set up a mark for it self with excellent shows, and it’s perfectly fine if they wanted us to re shoot the scenes. They wanted the sets to be bigger and the ambience more bright and loud, and being professionals, it was no big deal to re shoot everything. Bottom line is that we want this show to do the best, and that’s what matters.

We heard that there is soon going to be a triangle love story in the show, so, who is the third guy?

I cant reveal who the second lead is. The triangle love story will come in the picture a little later, right now they are focusing on introducing Kangana.

A message to your fans...

Please watch the show, I promise, it is very different and you'll surely enjoy it, and please cast your love and blessings as you always have.

With Ardhangni, it looks like Zee is ready to give the audience another bold subject where the story line contradicts the very existing popular mindset of external beauty being a boon. Here’s wishing Sudeepa all the very best for her plump role of Kangana. Get ready to watch Ardhangini on Zee, from 29th October, at 11PM, Monday to Thursday...

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Srividya Rajesh, Hiral Anju Bhatt

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Comments (6)

Wow, this is the girl from Kabhie Toh Nazar Milao, she looks quite different here and very pretty!! Waiting to see her here since I didn't much like her in KTNM... thanks Sree di and Anju!

16 years ago

WOW!...i loved KTNM!..Sudeepa looked so pretty!..cant wait for ardhangini!

16 years ago

Zee always does something different and new, can't wait to see how Ardhangni turns out especially after having to reshoot it!

16 years ago

I watched her first serial Kabhi to nazar milao. I wasn't very impressed with her acting. Again the character she was playing wasn't interesting, probably she couldn't show all her talents on screen.

I wish her the best. I hope she does good work. The timing of the serial isn't good. I wont be able to watch it I will be a sleep then.

16 years ago

thanks for the article!

the lead actress really is pretty! althought she's not the glam kind of pretty but she has a different style altogether!

16 years ago

wow! sudeepa is really pretty. i hope she acts as good as she looks! :D i can't wait to watch this serial!

16 years ago

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