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Zain Imam and Aditi Sharma on characters in Crashh, shooting together and more

Aditi Sharma and Zain Imam are all set to be seen in upcoming ALT Balaji show, Crashh, and here's what they had to say.

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Zain Imam and Aditi Sharma will soon be seen in the upcoming web-series Crashh along with an interesting cast of Anushka Sen, Rohan Mehra, and Kunj Anand, among others. The two recently spoke about the show, their characters, and more. Read some excerpts from the interview here.

Zain plays the character of Dr. Rishabh, and talking about it, he said, ''He is very suave, secretive, does not speak a lot and keeps to himself while listening to things from one ear and letting them out from the other, he does his own thing and is rather silent, does not get very involved, but is very respectful towards others. The story is about how he bumps into Kajal (Aditi Sharma) and feels like she is like him and tries to know more of her, and why is she like this and why does she react like that. As siblings, they have different characters and traits and my characters and traits that are relatable.''

Aditi adds, ''Kajal has a lot of layers, she is not a sad type girl or anything, but she is an introvert, lonely person. She loves her mother a lot and she does a lot from her, but she misses her siblings and kindness really affects her because people have been really bad to her, life has been bitter to her and so, when something nice happens, she is scared. For example, if someone asks her how are you, she gets very emotional because not many people ask her that very often.''

About shooting together, Aditi says, ''It was a lot of fun because I got a chance to go about the entire city and we had a lot of interesting locations that we shot at.''

About their first impression, both Aditi and Zain revealed how they both know each other for 2 and a half years, and hence, there was no ice-breaker that they needed. Zain quips how they had already broken the ice way before.

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