Yuvraj Malhotra on REAL TV...

The handsome lad is back to work and will be seen in REAL's Ninja Pandav

Yuvraj Malhotraa aka Shaurya of Waaris is finally back to work. The actor has got a green signal from CINTA now, thus putting aside rumors of the ten year ban. He will soon be seen in REAL TV's Ninja Pandav.

"I have got the card from CINTA. The delay happened because of the strike last year. Now I'm back with a new venture," Yuvraj.

Talking about his stint in the show the actor quips, "Coincidentally, I take off from where I left, and my character name in the show is Shaurya. He has come to kill the only girl in the Pandav group. It's a cameo role of four days only. Initially my character will be seen as positive but at the end, everyone will know that I am the villain."

"There are fight sequences and Marshal arts too. I just love the role and so went ahead with it. For the time being I'm happy doing cameos," he adds further.

Talking about the ban for ten years he verbalizes, "I could not get the card from CINTA because of the television strike that happened last year. There was a rumour that I was banned from this industry for ten years. I just want to clear the air that its nothing like that, and today I'm back to work."

For the uninitiated, Yuvraj was reportedly thrown out of Smriti Irani's show Waaris last year, after he got too big for his boots and had thrashed a unit member black and blue.

The shooting for the same will start from April 3rd.

So viewers are you ready to watch your favorite actor in action again?

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (7)

Yuvraaj is cuteee and a great actor i was sad when i heard last year he was banned but im glad hes back ;) x

15 years ago

yuvraj...rlly gud actor bt aint waris finishd??????it is in england nywy.

15 years ago

he was good in waaris

all the best to him

15 years ago

waaris was going SO well until he was kicked out of it- then it ALL went downhilll!!!:( 2 weeks- thats all it took!

15 years ago

all the best and cant wait to see him again

15 years ago

yesssssssssssssssss hessssssssssssssss bkkkkkkkk

15 years ago

ewwwwwwww he is not looking good !!!!I will not disclose how is he looking ????? lolzzzzzzzz

15 years ago

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