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YRKKH: Abhir mocked for having two fathers; Akshara & Abhir spend time together

in the upcoming episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight, Abhir will be mocked for having two fathers.

Published: Monday,Jul 17, 2023 06:45 AM GMT-06:00
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Pranali Rathod and Shreyansh Kaurav

The episode commences with a lively dance sequence involving Akshu and everyone else. The catchy tune of "Hafte me char shanivaar" fills the air as Abhinav joyfully showers flowers on Akshu. Abhi and Ruhi join the dance, bringing more happiness to the scene. Abhir, overwhelmed with joy, is elated by the sight. Meanwhile, Manjiri eagerly awaits their arrival, inquiring about their whereabouts. Shefali, however, expresses her disinterest in having dinner and prefers to dine in her room. Nishta reveals that she, too, will have dinner in her own space. Concerned, Manjiri pleads with Mahima to reconsider her decision. In response, Mahima contemplates whether she should take the matter to court and subject Shivu to the same fate as Abhir.Curious about Abhir's first day at school, Akshu engages him in conversation. Abhir shares that his experiences prior to school weren't pleasant. Akshu reminds him that Manjiri, being older, has the right to scold him, but urges him to prioritize his studies. 

Abhir playfully suggests that Akshu, now a lawyer, should request the court to grant them more time together. This suggestion brings Akshu to tears. Abhi intervenes, remarking that it's getting late, prompting both Abhir and Akshu to leave. Upon their return home, Manjiri insists they have their meal, but Ruhi reveals that they have already eaten a lot and had a great time dancing. Abhir leaves the scene, and Manjiri takes the opportunity to explain her perspective to Abhi. As a mother, she emphasizes that moments spent with a mother are more crucial for building a strong bond than those spent with a father.

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Akshu begins making a list, but Abhinav playfully erases it, explaining that he is merely trying to assist her. Manish sarcastically comments on his version of help. Abhinav then introduces the idea that a mother may desire to do everything, but sometimes it's necessary to let fate decide. Kairav agrees, and Akshu expresses her gratitude for their input. Dadi mentions that they will always regret the absence of someone, but when that person is present, they should set aside their sorrows and focus on the joy at hand. Akshu suggests that he stay for two days, allowing them to spend time together. Manish confirms that he will stay exclusively with Akshu and Abhinav. They encourage Akshu and Abhinav to make the most of their time together. Mahima performs an aarti for Shivu and embraces him. He reciprocates and rushes towards Shefali, who is in tears. Parth suggests that Shivu should meet everyone, and Ruhi enters the scene. Shivu acknowledges her growth, and she presents him with a butterfly card. Abhi joins them and embraces Shivu, who respectfully addresses him as "Sir." Abhi insists on being called "Chachu" and introduces Abhir. Abhi then receives a phone call and excuses himself. Parth suggests that Shivu share a room with Abhir until his new room is ready. Shivu accidentally steps on Abhir's foot and departs. Ruhi questions what happened.

Akshu contacts Abhi to inquire about Abhir's PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) assignment. Abhi responds by asking what they desire for Abhir's future. Akshu states her wish for him to become a singer. They engage in a playful argument before abruptly ending the call. Meanwhile, the children continue playing, and Mahima announces the arrival of party snacks and chits, encouraging them to enjoy themselves. Abhir declines the offer of juice, causing Mahima to remark on Shivu's happiness. The adults leave the room, and Shivu explains the game to the children. He signals towards Abhir and prompts him to speak. Ruhi accidentally spills juice on her dress and departs to clean it. Abhir retrieves a chit and discovers "Papa" written on it. The children encourage him to speak, and Abhir shares that his father's name is Abhimanyu Birla. Conflicted thoughts of Abhinav cloud his mind, leaving him puzzled. Shivu questions his confusion and wonders if he has two fathers, leading to teasing from Shivu and his friends. Overwhelmed, Abhir bursts into tears and retreats. Ruhi returns and inquiries about Abhir's whereabouts. Shefali, overcome with emotion, laments her shortcomings as a mother and confesses her lack of enthusiasm about her son's return. 

Akshu reassures her, acknowledging her concern and desire for the best for her son. Shefali apologizes for burdening Akshu and expresses her intention to inform Shivu about Parth and their relationship. Akshu advises her not to rush and offers her gratitude. Akshu then inquires about Abhir's current activities, to which Shefali responds that he is playing with Shivu and their friends. Akshu expresses her contentment, believing that the children will take care of each other.

Precap: Abhi informs the family that they are returning home, bringing a smile to Akshu's face. However, Manjiri voices her reservations about the situation. Akshu approaches Abhi and asks about her son's whereabouts, as he promised to bring him home, but he hasn't arrived yet.

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