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Your Favourite Actors Speak About Their Alternative Career Options And Securing Themselves

It is said that actors have a shelf life, in a way an actor's life is quite unpredictable and full of insecurities. Here actors talk about having alternative career options and what they do to secure themselves!


It is said that actors have a shelf life, in a way an actor's life is quite unpredictable and full of insecurities. 

Here actors talk about having alternative career options and what they do to secure themselves!

1)Shashank Vyas

For me, acting is love, it's my passion. Secondly, ups and downs are part of life. Yes, the risk is little more in this profession but that's the thrill for me. That's the excitement. Nobody can plan everything in life. If one is doing what he/she loves then it doesn't remain only work. I do believe in savings for not so good times. Real estate and mutual funds are good options according to me.

2)Rishina Kandhari

Actors’ careers are very unpredictable and you don't know what will happen next. The only thing which I follow is whether you have work or you don't, your lifestyle should not change. So, you should maintain a simple lifestyle and see to it that your ups and downs don't bother your family. You are protected and your insurances are in place. When it comes to side business one should surely think of a suitable option.

3) Shweta Rohira

We cannot say all actors but all freelancers definitely have a shelf life. Acting, directing, producing are freelancing jobs. It’s like you finish one project and you wait for the next thing, there is a gap in between. I’ts not a proper kind of a job where you get provident fund etc. So I would say any artist for example, a painter, dancer, actor is a freelancer and it’s important to save money. I have seen a lot of young people who achieve a lot, who get sudden fame and they splurge money but they don't realize what money gets is the power to choose your projects. Otherwise, you sign up for something which you are not happy with because you need money from somewhere. So, it is important for every freelancer to save money so that you take better calls in life.

4) Rahul Sharma

An actor’s life is definitely unpredictable. You don't know today your show is hit, you are a popular actor and next year your show goes off air and people forget you. Uncertainties are there, you have to save money, you have to think of your future and plan it because that's how you can survive and sustain in this field. What I feel about the saving part is that when we are working, we should think about the next 5-6 years so that we have that future security which we require in terms of taking up good work and waiting for the right opportunity. I don't have any other business apart from acting because I want to focus and grow in this field. I do save and invest money and I don't spend money unnecessarily.

5) Aniruddh Dave

I feel there are many actors who by their own choice reduce their shelf life as they say that they don't want to play some kind of a role. So, it's all up to an actor that what kind of call he is taking for his career. The seasoned actors who work regularly like from the first Mahabharata, Surendra Pal Ji who played the role of Dronacharya, is still working today, Raza Murad used to work earlier and is working today also. There are many veteran actors who keep on working and are never out of work. Actors reduce their shelf life with their own attitude and their temperament or because of their poor performance. After a certain point of time when they are aged, some of them say that they would not play a father's role or an uncle's role. If an actor has played a lead in a show, it doesn't mean that every time they would get the opportunity to play the same, so it's their call if they want to take that kind of roles or not. If you have accepted the fact and have reduced your shelf life then what's the need to look for an alternative career.

6) Sharad Malhotra

It is true that actors have a limited shelf life, be it TV or films but if you are maintained, you will surely be there for the long run, like Shah Rukh Khan. You can't be playing similar roles all your life, you need to reinvent yourself to be in circulation. I definitely want to try out something new, maybe a business and I intent directing too in the future. In one way or the other, my career will be always connected to entertainment but at the same time, I may invest in a business.

7) Jasmin Bhasin

It is true that actors do have a shelf life. Just like we used to say film actresses can't be running around trees forever. Similarly, as TV actors, we can't be doing the same kind of roles and shows forever as the audiences also want to see something new all the time. We have to constantly re-invent ourselves to increase our shelf life. We have short films, web series as a very good option with the boom of internet and platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. I haven't thought of any parallel money earning option but yes of course when I decide to do something, I would love to do something worthwhile.

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