Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Ruhi lashes out at Abhira for calling Manish Goenka her 'Par Nanu'

In the episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight, Ruhi will be seen lashing out at Abhira.

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Pratiksha Honmukhe and Samridhii Shukla

The episode unfolds with Ruhi requesting Rohit to join her in giving bangles to Abhira. Rohit hesitates, citing the late hour, but Ruhi points out that the lights are still on at Abhira's place. Rohit emphasizes the unique friendship they share, unlike traditional husband-wife relationships. Meanwhile, Abhira reminisces about playful moments with Akshu, accompanied by laughter and games with Armaan. The soulful melody of "Ek hi zindagi meri…" adds a touch of joy to their time together, culminating in them falling asleep on the bed.

Ruhi, observing them, quietly leaves as they wake up to a messy room. Aryan apologizes for opening Ruhi's mu dikhai gifts, and she graciously allows him to choose anything he likes. However, Dadi criticizes Ruhi's mindset, deeming it inappropriate. Armaan signals Abhira to stay calm, and the cousins discuss potential honeymoon destinations. Despite Dadi's objection to all four going together, Rohit persuades her, asserting that he and Armaan hadn't even been on a double date together.

Sanjay receives a call informing him that Gadkari doesn't want him to handle the case, and Rohan reveals that Manish Goenka influenced the decision. Fueled by anger, Sanjay questions the motives behind Goenka's actions. Dadi, in the midst of preparing for the reception, intervenes in the matter.

The episode concludes with Dadi deciding that only Rohit and Ruhi will go on the honeymoon. However, Rohit, driven by his desire to surpass Armaan, insists on canceling his honeymoon as well. Ultimately, Dadi concedes, allowing all four to go together. As tensions rise, Sanjay confronts Rohit about Manish Goenka's interference, blaming him for jeopardizing their firm.

Meanwhile, preparations for the reception continue, with Dadi expressing her determination to resolve the conflicts. Abhira, still upset, receives breakfast from Vidya, and Armaan and Rohit contemplate the chaos in their lives. The office scene unfolds with Armaan expressing concern for their clients, while Rohit encourages him not to forget love amid the drama. The episode ends with Abhira seeking Armaan's help to staple her saree, leading to a playful interaction between the two.


Both the couples join in the party's dance, but Sanjay's anger is directed towards Abhira when someone calls her an amazing lawyer. When Manish comes to her rescue, Sanjay lashes out at him. Abhira sides with Manish calling him her Par Nanu. However, Ruhi does not like it. 

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Why they had to make ruhi negative to glorify abhira

5 months ago

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