Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Manjiri stages Abhimanyu's arrest, Abhimanyu arrested right before his wedding

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhimanyu will be seen getting arrested.

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Harshad Chopda and Ami Trivedi

The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight begins with Abhi's concern as he realizes that Akshu is missing. Akshu gathers everyone and explains that Abhi had left his job for her sake, and she requests their help in finding him a new job. Kairav offers to talk to the dean of the city hospital, and Suwarna reassures Akshu. However, Manish disagrees with the idea of Abhi working at the city hospital.

Akshu takes the initiative to meet the dean of the city hospital and proposes a deal. She offers him a share of the profits, hoping to secure a guarantee that Abhi won't be given the job.

Back at home, Abhi reunites with Abhir and Akshu and keeps certain facts hidden from Abhir. Abhir insists on going to the hospital the next day, but Akshu suggests that Abhi rest instead. Abhir further urges Akshu to have some soup, which she pretends to drink. Abhi questions her about not finishing the soup, and she lies about fasting. Abhi advises her to prioritize her health and questions her decision to fast. Akshu reassures him that their plan will work and prays for Abhi to get the job of his dreams.

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Kairav's hunger intensifies as he observes other kids enjoying snacks. Manish tries to comfort him, but Kairav expresses his desire for hot kachoris. Abhi reminds him that he would have married Muskaan even if he knew about the fasting tradition.

Meanwhile, Manjiri is in emotional distress and writes a substantial check. Shefali questions her intention behind the check, which is addressed to Abhi. Manjiri dismisses her curiosity and asks her to attend to Mahima. Akshu and Aarohi arrive, and Mahima apologizes to Abhi. Mahima admits her mistake in trusting Parth and opening a VIP hospital, which ultimately backfired. She pleads with Abhi to return to Birla hospital and assures him that no decisions will be made without his consent. Abhi graciously accepts her proposal and seeks Mahima's blessings.

Aarohi recalls a past incident where Parth lost a critical deal, and Mahima realized her mistake in trusting him. Aarohi advises Mahima to use charity funds to treat patients and regain blessings, which they can use to open more hospitals. The reconciliation with Abhi brings joy to the Birla family.

As the moon rises, the celebration continues, and Abhi and Akshu exchange smiles. They retire for the night, aware that their lives will change dramatically after their marriage, which is scheduled for the next day.

PRECAP:  An inspector arrives to arrest Abhi right before signing the documents, adding suspense and intrigue to the upcoming events.

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