Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Manjiri finds Akshara's pregnancy reports, Will the truth finally be out?

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Akshara's pregnancy reports will land in Manjiri's hands.

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Pranali Rathod and Ami Trivedi

The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight begins with Akshara having a candid conversation with Abhimanyu, sharing her recent aversion to dairy products due to their unpleasant effect on her stomach. Abhimanyu, understanding her discomfort, empathized, revealing his own dislike for the fatty milk available in their current location. In a gesture of kindness, he offered her a refreshing glass of juice.Meanwhile, Ruhi and Abhir extended invitations to Manjiri, Surekha, and Shefali, inviting them to join them on stage for an undisclosed event. Later, Akshara received a surprising set of unsolicited emails from a fortune-telling company, predicting positive news for her but hinting at potentially negative consequences for others.

Simultaneously, a ward boy delivers test results to Akshara, Manish, and Aarohi. When Aarohi discovered that Akshara was pregnant, her face drained of color. Akshara, noticing Aarohi's reaction, beckoned her over. However, Aarohi approached robotically, handed over the report, and left the room, attracting curious glances from the others.

Abhimanyu, astonished by the news, took the report from Akshara and questioned its authenticity. The revelation shocked everyone except Muskaan, who grinned. Unable to accept the news, Abhimanyu tore up the report and announced that their marriage could no longer proceed.Abhir rushed to plead with Abhimanyu not to make such a hasty decision, while Akshara assured him that there was no need to beg. As Abhimanyu walked away with his family, leaving Akshara behind, a loud clap brought Aarohi back to reality, filling her with anxiety. She knew that nothing should disrupt Akshara's impending wedding.

Abhimanyu noticed Aarohi's troubled expression and inquired about its cause. Curious about the paper Aarohi was holding, he reached out to see it but was interrupted by Abhir. In a hurry, Aarohi concealed the report among the Shagun plates and fibbed to Abhimanyu, claiming it was just a bill.

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After Abhimanyu left, Aarohi returned to retrieve the report but realized that the Shagun plates had gone missing. Frantically searching for them, she worried that someone might discover them before Akshara did. Meanwhile, Suhasini handed over the report and assured Aarohi that she would keep its contents confidential for two more days, ensuring a smooth wedding without any complications.

Aarohi attempted to convince Suhasini that Akshara's pregnancy wouldn't bother Abhimanyu, but Suhasini was concerned about its potential impact on Akshara's state of mind and how Manjiri and Muskaan might react.In a separate incident, Manjiri tried to reason with Muskaan, urging her to let go of her stubbornness and accept Abhimanyu and Akshara's relationship. However, Muskaan remained skeptical, suggesting that things might not go as planned.

Aarohi questioned Suhasini about starting this new relationship with a lie, to which Suhasini clarified that she wasn't asking Aarohi to lie but just to keep quiet for a day, understanding that if the marriage didn't happen, Akshara would end up alone. Aarohi reluctantly agreed to keep the news to herself but still felt uneasy about it. She carefully stashed the report in the guest room, confident it would be safe there for a day.As fate would have it, an extension cord was damaged, prompting Akshara to head to the same room to retrieve it for the children's dance performance. Aarohi rushed back to stop her from discovering the report. She returned the cord to Akshara, snatching the report from her hand just in time.

Later, Akshara noticed meaningful glances exchanged between Suhasini and Aarohi and was about to inquire when Abhir and Ruhi approached. They admired the deep shade of Akshara's Mehndi and speculated about what it might signify for her relationship with Abhimanyu. This prompted Abhir to encourage Abhimanyu to express his feelings for Akshara.

Akshara, feeling a bit awkward, explained to the children that love couldn't be measured. However, Abhir insisted that he could measure it and proceeded to show his affection by claiming he'd choose Akshara's homemade jam over chocolate and give up football if she asked. Ruhi chimed in with her own declaration of love for Abhimanyu. Smiling at their adorableness, Akshara and Abhimanyu shared a meaningful look. With a soft smile, he expressed that he couldn't quantify his feelings, leaving Akshara deeply touched.

The family decided to hold an engagement ceremony for the couple before the wedding. Manjiri had Akshara's pregnancy report, while Aarohi remained worried.

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