Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Armaan leaves for Jaipur, Abhira saves Vidya from Yuvraj

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update, 20 February 2024: Abhira saves Vidya from Yuvraj.

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The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight commences with Armaan expressing regret for his earlier distraction, acknowledging the tension surrounding their father's situation. Abhira, caught in her own thoughts of Yuvraj, hesitates to confide in Armaan, who persistently seeks answers from her. Despite his efforts, Abhira remains guarded, remembering Dadi Sa's advice, and urges Armaan to focus solely on their father's case, distancing herself emotionally.

Abhira recalls Dadi sa's words & Yuvraj agrees to go to Dubai:

Scene 2:

Sanjay admonishes Yuvraj for his presence at the Poddar house, prompting Yuvraj to suggest sending Abhira to his place if Sanjay dislikes his visits. Sanjay rebukes Yuvraj, reminding him of past confrontations with Abhira and his audacity in mentioning her name. Yuvraj, undeterred, jests about love and violence, leaving Sanjay unsettled. Despite their tense exchange, Yuvraj agrees to leave for Dubai, leaving Sanjay suspicious of his intentions.

Abhira and Ruhi's arguement:

Scene 3:

Abhira is worried about finding Yuvraj because his phone number is no longer working. Armaan and his dad are wrapped up in their own problems, so Abhira can't ask them for help. Ruhi interrupts, asking Abhira why she isn't taking a bath. Abhira responds that she's conserving water. Ruhi warns her that Dadi will be upset, but Abhira brushes it off, saying she's not afraid of Dadi's scolding. This sparks an argument between the two.

Scene 4: 

Yuvraj, determined to win Abhira's affection, devises a plan. He spins a wheel, declaring his desire for Abhira. He resolves to target whoever holds the most favor in Abhira's eyes, recognizing that discovering her weakness is key to his pursuit, with no reward other than the chance to win her over.

Abhira remains adamant on not telling the truth to Armaan:

Scene 5:

Armaan presses Abhira to reveal the truth, but she deflects, offering him practical items for his journey instead. She insists he take coffee for the road to stay awake, gives him an alarm clock with a loud ring, and includes a tiffin and stapler, anticipating his needs. Despite his persistence, Abhira remains tight-lipped, promising to discuss matters upon his return. As she prepares to leave, she checks the car dashboard and finds a toy tortoise, urging Armaan to keep it for luck in his important case. Their exchange ends with a brief moment of connection as Armaan holds her hand, imploring her to share her troubles, but Abhira simply advises him to drive carefully before departing.

Charu's feelings towards Dev & Abhira, Ruhi & Vidya's trip to the temple:

Scene 6:

As morning arrives, Charu expresses her hope for Armaan's success in Madhav's case. Dev notices her early arrival at the office and inquires about it. Charu explains that there's a problem at home, prompting her to finish work quickly and return. Dev, noticing soap on Charu's face, assists her in cleaning it off, leading to a brief, tender moment between them as music plays in the background. Dev reminds Charu of their impending meeting and instructs her to prepare. She acknowledges his directive, addressing him respectfully as "Sir" before he departs. Alone, Charu reflects on her growing feelings for Dev, questioning their appropriateness. 

Scene 7:

Abhira engages Ruhi in banter about taking Vidya in a taxi, leading to a lighthearted argument. Vidya intervenes, expressing her willingness to accompany Abhira. At the temple, each family member offers prayers for Madhav's well-being and Armaan's success in the case. Abhira silently prays for protection from Yuvraj, wondering about Vidya's whereabouts. When Ruhi questions Abhira's apparent tension due to her absence from college and office, Abhira dismisses it with a vague response.

Vidya gets kidnapped & Abhira saves her:

Scene 8:

Both Abhira and Ruhi message Armaan, who promptly responds with audio notes. They listen to his messages together on speakerphone. Vidya calls for them to come, prompting Abhira to offer to get the car while Ruhi volunteers to fetch water. As Ruhi goes to help, a man suddenly grabs Vidya and forces her into a van. Ruhi, witnessing the abduction, cries out for her mother and rushes to intervene. The assailant uses chloroform to render Vidya unconscious. Yuvraj, disguised, remarks that Vidya appears to have fallen asleep, while his accomplice questions his earlier assurance that a girl would come to rescue her. Yuvraj confidently anticipates Abhira's arrival and begins a countdown. However, their attention is drawn to an approaching car, causing the accomplice to warn Yuvraj to stop their vehicle to avoid detection.

Scene 9:

Abhira, upon arriving and witnessing the unfolding situation, becomes furious. Yuvraj, amused by her reaction, taunts her affectionately. In a bold move, Abhira punctures the tire of Yuvraj's car, infuriating him. She confronts him, threatening further action, prompting Yuvraj to try to calm her down. However, the situation intensifies when the accomplice points a gun at Abhira, demanding she release Yuvraj. Yuvraj intervenes, reprimanding the accomplice and ensuring Vidya is moved to another vehicle. Despite the tense standoff, Yuvraj maintains a smug demeanor.


Armaan, overwhelmed by the fear of losing his mother, expresses his distress. In a surprising turn, Abhira announces to Yuvraj her willingness to marry him. Yuvraj swiftly responds, instructing her to meet him at the airport. Abhira, conflicted and saddened, confides in Ruhi and Armaan about her decision. Overcome with emotion, Abhira impulsively pushes Ruhi, leading to a tense moment until Dadi intervenes and holds Ruhi back.

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