Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Akshara slips amidst her argument with Manjiri, the family left stunned

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Akshara will be seen slipping amidst her arguement with Manjiri.

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The episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight commences with Akshu approaching Abhir, but he remains obstinate, insisting that he will visit the temple to make his wish come true. She reassures him of her deep love, stating that their marriage will happen at the right time and not to be stubborn. While they witness a couple with their child, Abhir has a change of heart and pleads for Akshu to marry him. She departs, and Abhir regrets his actions, claiming it's unfair. Meanwhile, Abhi arrives and observes the situation, with the melodious tune of "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" playing in the background. He extends his hands to Akshu, asking her to choose one, revealing sindoor and mangalsutra. He proposes marriage and asks her to consider it, citing the importance of their future family.

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Aarohi inquires about their destination, to which Manjiri replies that she intends to bring her son back. She is determined not to let him leave her. Others intervene, including Akshu, who reminds Manjiri of their previous discussions. She emphasizes that they must not repeat past mistakes. Abhi interjects, expressing doubt that his mother will ever agree. Akshu is determined to persuade her.

Manjiri makes a call, summoning Abhi home, and she assures him that she's waiting. Akshu signals him to leave, and he urges her to forsake her stubbornness. She sheds tears.

Back at home, Suwarna suggests that if Akshu and Abhi agree, Manjiri might follow suit. Akshu believes they can't take such a major step because it would shatter Manjiri's dreams. Manish reminds them that Abhi and Akshu also have dreams. A discussion ensues with various family members expressing their opinions. Surekha encourages them to focus on their lives rather than work. Muskaan, however, has a surprise in store. She leads Akshu to Abhinav's photo and pleads with her to marry Abhi. Everyone is taken aback, with Dadi inquiring about her unexpected request. Muskaan, tearful and apologetic, acknowledges her past mistakes. She implores Akshu to choose happiness, pointing out that Abhi is ready to be the father of her unborn child. Akshu is moved, and she hugs Muskaan. The family members are delighted, and Kairav thanks Muskaan, apologizing for his own past errors. Akshu reassures him that things will improve and that he will bring happiness to everyone.

Muskaan inquires about Akshu's decision regarding marrying Abhi, but Akshu remains silent. Abhi goes to meet Manjiri and shows her a framed photo, indicating their readiness for a fresh start. Manjiri inquires if he's returning home, to which he replies that it's her decision on how they proceed.

Akshu subsequently informs Abhir about her impending marriage to Abhi. He expresses gratitude and embraces her. Suwarna and the rest of the family extend their congratulations and hugs. Kairav introduces Muskaan to Abhi, who congratulates him and asks for a lot of love to be given to Akshu, Abhir, and the soon-to-arrive baby. She seeks permission to address him as "Bhai ji" once again, and he tearfully agrees, promising to always be her "Bhai ji" and embracing her.

Kairav suggests that Akshu get the wedding dates, and she reveals that she has already applied for a court marriage, leaving everyone overjoyed. Abhir expresses his desire for their parents to get married, and they all celebrate with singing and dancing. Akshu receives a message announcing the wedding date, and everyone is filled with joy. Meanwhile, Aarohi gets a call revealing that Akshu and Abhi are having a court marriage, shocking Manjiri.

Precap: Manjiri pleads for her son to be returned, but Akshu implores her to agree to the marriage. As they argue, Akshu collapses, leaving everyone in shock.

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Will Abhimanyu have another spat with Manjari for harassing Akshara ... Manjari like women do exist in real life various shades ..

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