Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Akshara defies tradition to uphold her rights in Janmashtami drama

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Akshara will be seen questioning societal norms for a widow.

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Janmasthmi celebrations commence: 

The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight begins with a peaceful scene, as Abhir and Ruhi are sound asleep. Manjiri lovingly watches over them, creating a serene ambiance. In the meantime, Akshu observes the situation with a heartwarming smile. Her attention turns to fetching a plate for a ritual.

While she goes to get the plate, a lady in the gathering suggests they take over this task and advises Akshu to prepare the mattresses instead. This unexpected gesture catches the attention of Manish and Kairav, who seem concerned.

Abhimanyu decides to apologize to Akshara: 

Abhi expresses his concern about Akshu's well-being, fearing for her safety. Just then, Shefali arrives and lightens the mood with some humor. She playfully questions Abhi about his recent tiff with Akshu, and he admits to it. It's clear that their disagreements are not uncommon. Shefali's lightheartedness adds a touch of humor to the situation, even though she apologizes for her candid remark.

Shefali encourages Abhi to openly communicate with Akshu and resolve their issues. Abhi agrees and decides to apologize to her. Meanwhile, Akshu diligently continues preparing the ceremonial plate.


Akshara challenges societal norms: 

The lady suggests that Akshu should rest while they handle the proceedings, but Akshu insists that she is fine. Suwarna encourages Akshu to unveil the decorative display, but the lady intervenes and voices her reservations. She explains that, as a recent widow, Akshu should not participate in these celebrations, given the societal norms.

This sparks a heated argument, with Akshu defending her right to be part of the ceremony. She firmly challenges the idea that widows should be excluded from such events and questions the lack of written justification in any scriptures. Akshu's passionate defense of her identity and rights resonates with the onlookers, leaving them stunned.

Akshara's questions: 

Akshu goes on to declare that it is a sin to marginalize women after their husband's death and to keep them bound by archaic traditions. She emphasizes the importance of supporting truth and equality. This bold stance earns her disapproval from some in the crowd, who assert that they must adhere to societal rules. She questions the double standards for men and women and rebukes the women for perpetuating this discrimination. She asserts that she may be a widow, but she is far from being dead. She intends to live for her son and her family. She accuses them of committing a sin and decides to conduct her ceremony elsewhere to avoid their negative influence.

The Goenkas & Birlas stand by Akshara: 

The tension escalates as Akshu offers her prayers. Unexpectedly, Abhir and Ruhi wake up, sensing their mother's distress, and stand by her side. Abhi, too, joins them in a show of solidarity. This inspires others to stand with Akshu as well. Suwarna urges Akshu to proceed with the ritual, while Kairav confronts the dissenting man. Abhi and Aarohi express their frustration at trying to reason with the stubborn crowd, and Ruhi calls them "bad." Surekha threatens to take action against the troublemakers, but Akshu intervenes and urges them to let the ritual continue. Abhi and his family decide to leave and celebrate Janmashtami at home, unwilling to witness Akshu's humiliation.

Akshara recives an apology: 

In a surprising turn of events, the lady struggles with the ceremonial knot, and it refuses to budge. She hurriedly pulls on the rope, desperately trying to maintain the auspicious timing for the ritual. Abhir steps in to assist Akshu, and as she pulls the rope, the curtains are drawn back to reveal the Radha-Krishna idol.

The sight of the idol brings a sense of peace to everyone present, and they begin to pray. Abhir explains the significance of Akshu's role in this moment, emphasizing that Lord Krishna does not consider her actions as sinful. Overwhelmed by the turn of events, the ladies express their apologies to Akshu and request her to perform the aarti. With grace and conviction, Akshu proceeds to sing the aarti. Manjiri prays for Akshu's well-being, and Abhir, Manish, and Abhi join in the prayer, all wishing for Akshu's happiness.


Akshu suggests that they should participate in the Dahi Handi breaking ceremony and aim for the highest position. This sparks a playful yet spirited argument between Akshu and Abhi as they prepare to climb and break the Dahi Handi.

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