Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Akshara agrees on marrying Abhimanyu, Manjiri refuses to accept Akshara's child

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Manjiri will refuse to accept Akshara's child.

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The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight commences with a perplexed Abhir and Ruhi questioning Muskaan's actions in removing everything. Manish, their grandfather, reveals that the wedding cannot take place because Akshu, Abhir's mother, isn't feeling well. The kids insist on knowing the real reason behind this decision. Dadi, their grandmother, solemnly declares that the marriage cannot proceed, leaving the children curious. When asked for an explanation, Dadi cryptically replies that they will understand when they grow up.

Abhir is not convinced and persists in his quest for answers. Ruhi joins in, pleading for the truth. Manish finally embraces them and delivers the news that Akshu is unwell because she is pregnant with a baby. Overjoyed, the children celebrate the news. Suwarna, a family member, inquires about their excitement, prompting Abhir to express his gratitude to Lord Shiva for granting his wish for a little sister. He urges the family to reconsider the wedding, as it's good news that a new baby is on the way. Abhi, Akshu's husband, makes a phone call to a doctor to arrange for Akshu's checkup and shares the news of her pregnancy.

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While contemplating the wedding, Abhi gazes at a picture of Akshu and Abhinav, recalling his late friend. Manjiri enters the scene and emphasizes the importance of making a thoughtful decision regarding the marriage. Others in the family express their concerns and argue that they must not leave the situation unresolved due to societal expectations. Meanwhile, Akshu overhears the discussion and leaves the room. Muskaan follows her, and the family acknowledges that Akshu is in a difficult position.

Manjiri intervenes, reminding everyone that it's a challenging situation for Abhi as well, as he is taking on a substantial responsibility. She points out the emotional toll it can take to raise someone else's child and suggests that Akshu must choose between being Abhi's wife or raising Abhinav's child. Muskaan, who is thrilled about the baby, tries to comfort Akshu by telling her that she and Kairav are ready to raise the child if the wedding doesn't happen.

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The doctor arrives for Akshu's checkup, revealing that Abhi insisted on it because he is deeply concerned for her well-being. After the doctor's departure, Abhi reassures Akshu that he is willing to marry her but wants her approval. He emphatically expresses his commitment to love and care for the child, just as he did for Ruhi, and assures her that she has all the time she needs to make her decision. Akshu is torn by her complex emotions and feels responsible for the trouble she has caused.

The next morning, the kids surprise Akshu with a celebration, congratulating her for the good news. The family gathers to celebrate the pregnancy. However, Manjiri's arrival casts a shadow of uncertainty on the joyous occasion. Abhi shares some medicines with Abhir and promises to take good care of Akshu until she recovers and they can consider marriage. The children express their eagerness for their mother's recovery and the wedding. Abhi hopes that Akshu will trust him and acknowledges that the new baby will be just as important to him as Ruhi and Abhir.


Akshu announces her readiness to marry Abhi and become a life partner to both her children. However, Manjiri staunchly refuses to accept the forthcoming child, setting the stage for further family drama.

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