Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhira calls Dadi Sa a hypocrite, Vidya stands by her

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update, 2nd March, 2024: Abhira calls Dadi Sa a hypocrite.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhira calls Dadi Sa a hypocrite, Vidya stands by her
Samridhii Shukla as Abhira.

The episode commences with Dadi urging Abhira to join her, while Manisha enthusiastically encourages her with a high five and best wishes. 

Abhira obliges, prompting Vidya to remark on their newfound friendship, which Manisha denies. Suwarna directs Manish's attention to Agarwal's granddaughter, whom Ruhi recognizes as a former classmate. Manish reminisces about Pakhi's past quarrels, but Ruhi insists she has changed, urging him to reconsider. Vikas contemplates his options while observing Ruhi, who inquires about his well-being and subtly probes his romantic interests. Manish deflects her inquiries, emphasizing their preference for Manav and Ruhi's compatibility. Ruhi, however, is preoccupied with Armaan's messages, indicating his apprehension. Vikas echoes Manish's sentiments about their mutual affection for Manav but acknowledges the need for genuine mutual feelings between him and Ruhi.

Abhira discreetly messages Armaan, prompting Dadi to prepare for her speech while expressing concern about her health. Abhira intervenes, offering assistance and insisting on her well-being, much to Dadi's reluctance. Meanwhile, tensions escalate between Kajal and Sanjay, culminating in a heated exchange. Armaan expresses concern for Vidya, while she reassures him of her well-being. He pleads for Dadi's intervention to support Charu's internship, a sentiment echoed by Abhira, who facilitates Dadi's speech delivery. Grateful for Abhira's assistance, Dadi offers her a reward, which Abhira uses as leverage to secure Charu's internship approval, despite Dadi's initial reluctance. Vidya and Armaan support Abhira's stance, acknowledging the sincerity behind her request.

In the preview, Abhira contemplates the enduring nature of true love, leaving Ruhi stunned by his revelation.

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Finally Abhira is standing up for herself

1 months ago

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