Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi reprimands Abhira after learning of Charu's employment

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update, 28th February, 2024: Dadi sa reprimands Abhira.

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Anita Raaj and Samridhii Shukla.
Anita Raaj and Samridhii Shukla as Dadi Sa and Abhira.

The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight commences with a heartfelt apology from Armaan to Abhira.

Armaan draws comparisons between Abhira and Akshara:

Expressing her gratitude, Abhira acknowledges Akshara's sacrifice for her and recognizes Armaan's willingness to sacrifice for her mother, drawing parallels between him and Akshara. Feeling indebted, Abhira humbly declines Armaan's notion of having done her a favor, highlighting his consistent support. Despite Armaan's regret over not being able to save Abhira's mother, she emphasizes his pivotal role in saving her own mother, underscoring his selflessness. Meanwhile, Ruhi contemplates involving the police.

Abhira's admiration for Armaan:

Their conversation takes a lighter turn as Abhira admires Armaan's organized life amid the chaos she feels she has brought. Armaan appreciates Abhira's contributions to his family and her respect for his grandmother, Dadi. Their moment is interrupted by Ruhi's arrival, catching them holding hands. Abhira recounts Yuvraj's pursuit of Vidya due to her actions, prompting Armaan to express his gratitude. Light banter ensues, reflecting their growing bond.

Elsewhere, a professional exchange unfolds between Manoj and Dadi regarding the handling of Saxena's account. Dadi appoints Manoj to oversee it, citing her distrust of Sanjay due to his association with a criminal. Sanjay argues his case, but Dadi remains firm in her decision, emphasizing the ethical standards of their firm. Abhira questions the necessity of the situation as Armaan reassures her of her importance. Ruhi's interruption leads to a revelation of her unintentional assistance in locating Abhira.

Dadi reprimands Abhira:

The mood lightens as they decide to enjoy ice cream together, symbolizing unity amidst their differences. Returning home, they are met with surprise and amusement from their family members. The evening progresses with a game of dumb charades, though Dadi grows increasingly concerned about Charu's absence. Abhira discreetly messages Charu, urging her to return home, while Armaan playfully teases her.

In the midst of the game, Dadi is startled by the sight of Dev and Charu, leading to a confrontation where Charu's employment is revealed. Dadi reprimands Abhira for concealing this information, sparking a heated argument between Armaan and Abhira.


Dadi's attention is drawn to the presence of Dev and Charu, leading to a moment of confrontation. She reacts by slapping Charu and demanding an explanation for the man's identity. Abhira steps in to clarify that he is Dev Sir, their boss. Dadi admonishes Abhira for keeping Charu's employment a secret, igniting a heated argument between Armaan and Abhira.

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