Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhimanyu learns of Manjiri's involvement in his arrest, to confront her

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhimanyu will be seen learning of Manjiri's involvement in his arrest.

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Harshad Chopda and Ami Trivedi

The episode begins with Akshu and Abhi being summoned to the courtroom. As they meet, their silent communication speaks volumes. Holding hands, they step into the courtroom. Manjiri is shown in prayer. The exchange of garlands takes place, accompanied by the melodious tune of "Jaaniye." Abhir expresses his gratitude to Lord Shiva for making his dream come true.

Amid the auspicious ceremony, the police suddenly arrives, intensifying the tension. Manjiri's thoughts reflect her worry, fearing that her son's fate may mirror her own, and she wishes to put a stop to this wedding. The judge calls upon the witnesses to step forward and sign the necessary documents. Manish and Suwarna promptly sign their names. Akshu, with a smile, follows suit, which elicits applause from the attendees.

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The police officer inquires about Abhi's marriage status, and the peon confirms that the ceremony is still ongoing. Abhi realizes that this is his new reality and proceeds to give his thumbprints. The inspector abruptly calls him away. Surekha alerts everyone to the presence of the police. The inspector reveals that they have come to arrest Abhi on charges of fraud. Manish defends his son's character, but the police officer stands firm, accusing Dr. Abhimanyu Birla of defrauding Birla Hospital.

Kairav passionately argues that the charges are baseless, citing Abhi's ownership of the hospital. The inspector, however, remains unfazed and insists on Abhi accompanying him. This shocking turn of events abruptly halts the marriage. The inspector threatens Abhi with handcuffs if he does not comply. Akshu, determined to get to the bottom of the situation, questions the identity of the complainant. The inspector reveals that the complaint was filed by Mr. Parth Birla, leaving everyone in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Parth sits in his office as Akshu confronts him about Abhi's alleged wrongdoing. Parth dismisses her, stating that a hospital is not a court. An argument ensues as Akshu implores Parth to withdraw his complaint against his own brother. Parth remains resolute, displaying a check bearing his mother's signature as evidence of Abhi's supposed forgery. Akshu vehemently defends Abhi's innocence, expressing her disbelief at the situation. Parth, however, maintains that they had reason to suspect Abhi, given his past actions.

With Abhi's arrest, an air of gloom surrounds his family. Mahima and Anand express their remorse, acknowledging that they were misled by Parth. Manish reassures Abhi, but Abhi is worried about the stress that Akshu and the children will experience. As the reality of the situation sets in, Abhir sadly acknowledges that the marriage is now on hold. Akshu comforts him and pledges to uncover the truth, ensuring their love prevails. The children, curious about Abhi's return, inquire about the future, to which Akshu assures them that their love is destined to triumph. Dadi volunteers to pray for Abhi, and Manish expresses faith in Akshu's determination to secure bail.

Akshu busily engages in phone calls with her lawyer, pleading for any possible way to secure Abhi's release. She reminds her confidant, Shefali, not to disclose the news to Manjiri to prevent further stress on her. However, Shefali drops a bombshell by revealing that Manjiri was the one who got Abhi arrested. Shock and worry grip the entire family.

In a separate conversation, Manjiri, Anand, and Mahima are also engaged in discussions. Mahima reassures them that they will do their best to secure Abhi's bail. Akshu arrives with Manish and Shefali and publicly confronts Manjiri. Akshu commends Manjiri for her unique approach and hands over property papers, assets, and money as a gesture to secure Abhi's release.

This unexpected twist in events leaves Mahima and others puzzled. Akshu clarifies that Manjiri orchestrated Abhi's arrest to thwart their marriage. Mahima is stunned by the revelation. Manjiri justifies her actions, explaining that, in her view, Abhi and Akshu's marriage couldn't go forward without a child. Acknowledging her love for her son and her desperation, Manjiri explains that she felt compelled to take such extreme measures. Akshu, on the other hand, is unforgiving, lamenting that Manjiri's actions have placed her in a difficult situation.

Desperate to free Abhi, Akshu leaves the room. Anand advises Manjiri to work on securing Abhi's release and dissuading Akshu. In a touching moment, Manjiri manages to stop Akshu and changes her stance. She offers to accept Akshu's baby and support their happiness, even if it means loving a child not biologically related to her. The family rejoices as they reach a new understanding.

PRECAP: Akshu resolves to protect Abhimanyu and refuses to reveal the true instigator behind Abhi's arrest, while Parth denies any involvement, and Abhi confronts Manjiri to uncover the truth.

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