Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhimanyu disowns Manjiri after knowing of her involvement in his arrest

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhimanyu will be seen lashing out at Manjiri and disowning her upon knowing of her involvement in his arrest,=.

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Harshad Chopda & Ami Trivedi

The episode opens with Manjiri (Ami Trivedi) making a heartfelt request to Akshara (Pranali Rathod), asking her to promise that she will love Abhimanyu (Harshad Chopda) before their baby is born. A heated argument ensues between them. Manjiri emphasizes Abhi's sacrifices for Akshu, including leaving his home, business, and even his mother. She questions whether Akshu is willing to give him a mere compromise in return. She firmly believes that marriage and friendship should not be mixed, and she wants her son to have true love in his marriage. Shefali questions whether Abhi will be happy with someone else, to which Manjiri responds that if Abhi doesn't marry Akshu, he'll compromise and believe that true love was never meant for him. She argues that by becoming his wife, Akshu can offer him hope every day. Manjiri questions who is being selfish in this situation – her or Akshu. She acknowledges Akshu's love for Abhinav (Jay Soni) but asserts that Akshu is marrying Abhi for the sake of their children. Akshu refuses to accept a condition for loving Abhi and the argument continues.

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Manjiri suggests that she'll marry Abhi to create a family. Meanwhile, Kairav and Muskaan bring food for Abhi, expressing their concern. Abhi reassures them but is scolded by Muskaan, who breaks down in tears. Abhi inquires about Akshu's whereabouts, and the inspector informs him that he can go home since Parth has withdrawn the complaint, negating the need for bail. Abhi is released and expresses his desire to confront Parth about his actions. Muskaan urges Kairav to call Mahima. While Parth is on the phone with Manjiri, she implores him not to tell anything to Abhi. Abhi arrives and confronts Parth, prompting a heated argument. Manjiri overhears the conversation on the phone and remains concerned about the unfolding situation.

Abhi insists on knowing who filed the case against him, and Mahima comes to discuss the matter with Manjiri. Shefali advises not to reveal Manjiri's involvement to Abhi. Surekha and Manish agree, emphasizing the need to respect Abhi's mother for his sake. Surekha questions how long they can keep the truth hidden. Abhi demands to know who filed the complaint against him, but Akshu tries to keep him in the dark, fearing that revealing Manjiri's role would devastate him. Abhi arrives home, and Akshu performs an aarti for him. As they share a heartfelt moment, Abhi refrains from hugging her. Akshu assures him that everyone is awake, and they proceed inside. Manjiri returns with Parth, and Abhi attempts to cut the cake. However, the knife breaks, and a larger one is provided. Finally, Abhi cuts the cake while the family celebrates. Shefali is clearly not pleased with Parth's presence and questions why he is there. Manjiri recalls her meeting with Parth and stands up for him. Mahima accuses Manjiri of making the wrong decision and allowing Parth back into the family. Parth requests that they not judge him too quickly.

Abhi is urged to eat the cake and drink milk. As Abhi attempts to eat the cake, he acknowledges that it's good and expresses his love for it. The children are delighted, and Muskaan suggests telling bedtime stories after Abhi has dinner and rests. Manish invites Abhi to join them for a meal. Abhi appreciates their effort not to discuss the recent events, but he is unable to forget. He believes that Parth couldn't have acted alone and that someone else is involved.

PRECAP: Abhi confronts Manjiri, questioning who filed the police complaint and who wanted to break his marriage. When Manjiri admits to doing it, Abhi disowns her, stating that she's not his mother and he's not her son, and he walks away. Akshu tries to stop him.

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LOL- Talk about how Abhimanyu is being WW and Akshara is also being shown as a devi as end nears. This will drive Manjiri over the edge. What will she do now. Have her son killed?

3 months ago

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