Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhimanyu argues with Manjiri for Akshara's sake, decides to stick by her

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhimanyu will be seen arguing with his mother Manjiri after she asks Abhimanyu to not accept Akshara's baby.

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The episode commences with Manish placing a call to Abhi, informing him about a special celebratory feast organized for Akshu's pregnancy. All the arrangements are in place, and they would be delighted if Abhi and his family could attend. Abhi responds affirmatively, mentioning that his mother has something important to discuss with Akshu. When Manish inquires about the topic, Abhi replies that it will be revealed during their meeting and asks Manish to message him the timing. Manjiri observes Abhi closely, and Akshu expresses her desire to talk to both families.

At the temple, Dadi presents an offering to the priest, and Akshu and Abhi engage in prayer. Akshu catches Manjiri's gaze and decides to share something significant with everyone. She declares her willingness to marry Abhi and become a life partner to him, along with the two children. The announcement is met with joy as Manish expresses his happiness and wishes them a lifetime of togetherness.

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However, Manjiri objects to Akshu's condition, particularly regarding the upcoming baby. Akshu questions the reasoning behind this, as they are ready for parenting. Manjiri argues that if Akshu chooses to be a parent, she can either be Abhi's wife or the child's mother, not both. Akshu reassures them, stating her commitment to her relationship and Abhi's promise to be the best possible father for the baby. Manjiri reminds them of their past love story, their hasty engagement, and the subsequent challenges they faced. Despite her initial resistance, they got married, but their relationship proved fragile, marked by both love and misunderstandings. Akshu went to Mauritius for Abhi's sake, but their relationship deteriorated further. Manjiri emphasizes that she has made mistakes and expresses concern about the tangled situation their relationship could become with the arrival of the baby.

After the pandit calls them for the rituals, Manjiri stops Abhi and pleads with him to reconsider his support for Akshu, warning that his life should be filled with happiness, not pain. Abhi insists on proceeding and makes it clear that he finds happiness with Akshu. Akshu completes the rituals, while Manjiri leaves, still concerned about the decision Abhi is making.

As the Birla family departs, Manish advises Abhi to leave the matter be. However, Abhi is resolute and approaches Akshu, wanting to talk. Akshu redirects him to Manjiri, who needs him. Tensions escalate as Abhi insists on discussing the issue immediately. Meanwhile, Manjiri believes she's acting in their best interests and continues to oppose Akshu's pregnancy.

Abhi's frustration reaches a breaking point, and he confronts his mother, shouting about how her stubbornness has taken precedence over his happiness. This outburst captures the attention of Manjiri and others present. Manjiri assures Abhi that she cares deeply about his happiness and is acting in their best interests. She argues that accepting Akshu's child will lead to sorrow, further alienating Abhi and Akshu, making them strangers to each other.

Amidst this emotional turmoil, Akshu's daughter Ruhi arrives and informs them about Abhir, who is standing near the car. Akshu rushes to attend to him, while Abhir expresses his distress and anger. The family watches as Akshu stops Abhir and attempts to console him. Their heartfelt interaction, complete with a light-hearted joke, brings a smile to Abhir's face. Manjiri and Mahima observe this scene, emphasizing their belief that, for Abhir's sake, Akshu should reconsider her stubbornness.

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