Yeh Rishta Kya Kehalata Hai: Aarohi’s life in danger, Akshara comes to save her

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Aarohi’s life will be seen in threat as a few men enter to attack Abhimanyu.

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A still from the upcoming episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

The episode commences with Abhi expressing his concern about not discussing a sensitive matter to spare his feelings. He suspects that Parth is not acting alone and was about to reveal an accomplice's name but changed the subject. Manish counters, asserting that a person doesn't require assistance to wreak havoc when they're angry. Abhi catches Akshu using his phone and laptop, playfully calling her a thief.

She persuades him to get some rest instead of working all night. Grateful for her care, Abhi suggests they stop blaming each other. Akshu questions whether they've done something to deserve the ongoing hardships preventing their marriage. Abhi tosses a coin, suggesting that things of value are not easily obtained, believing that their challenges are shaping their relationship into something beautiful. Akshu agrees.

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In the morning, while Akshu is on a call, Shefali arrives, expressing concern for Abhi. Abhi contacts Rohan to inquire about Parth's connection to someone else. Aarohi suggests that he should approach Maa since the checkbook belonged to her. Akshu questions why Shefali informed Aarohi about this. Surekha explains that it was for Akshu's benefit and that they've sent Abhi to Manjiri, where the truth will be revealed. Akshu wonders what will happen if Manjiri confesses. Aarohi believes that Abhi will be heartbroken but willing to accept the truth. Akshu hopes Manjiri won't be blamed. Manish reassures Akshu that Manjiri won't reveal the truth. A waiter reminds Abhi to take his stethoscope. Manjiri notices it and becomes emotional.

Abhi returns home, and Manjiri is overjoyed to see him. Abhi recalls Parth's words and confronts Manjiri about getting him arrested, filing a false complaint, and trying to sabotage his marriage. Manjiri admits to doing these things, claiming it was for his betterment. Abhi is devastated, disowning her and leaving in anger. In her imagination, Manjiri sees this unfold, but the reality remains intact. Abhi sits on a bench, despondent. Akshu arrives, offering her support and assuring him he's not alone. Shefali and Parth argue, and Dadi prays for Abhi to regain his trust. Akshu and Abhi return home, and their family members rally around him, offering support and comfort.

Precap: Akshu and Shivu discuss going home, but Abhi is confronted by a mysterious man who demands a price. Akshu senses danger involving Aarohi. A confrontation with a menacing individual ensues.

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