Yeh Rishta completes 250 episodes...

Star Plus' Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai completed 250 episodes yesterday..

Star Plus and Directors Kut's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai completed a successful run of 250 episodes yesterday.

The unit organized a cake cutting ceremony with the protagonists Hina Khan (Akshara), Karan Mehra (Naitik) present. Also seen was the family of Naitik, but one noted absence was of Akshara's family. 

We talked to Akshara aka Hina Khan who seemed the happiest amongst the entire lot present there. "I am very much excited as we have completed 250 episodes today. I would like to thank Rajan Shahi Sir who gave me this big a break. I still remember how nervous I was in my first shoot at Jaipur. But the whole cast and crew made me comfortable. I still go thro' my pictures taken during that first shot (smiles)".

Hina Khan further added that she is missing her Maayka family on this day, as it was with them that she began this journey.

Naitik aka Karan Mehra who appeared equally elated said, "I want to thank all my fans who have supported and loved me as Naitik. I feel happy that we have completed 250 episodes today, and look forward to achieving many more milestones like this".

We wish the entire team all the very best for their future tracks…

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (21)

naitik and akshara u guys really need to improve ur acting skills,250 episodes tak toh chal gaya aage nahin jhela jaayega.

13 years ago

Congratulations to the YRKKH team!!

14 years ago

love naksh

14 years ago

yup they don't know yeh rishta kya kahlata hai...lolz even aftetr 250 days...boring...

14 years ago

just luv this show..the half hr it comes i feel as a part of it...just loving it..wish them loads of success

14 years ago

congrats to all YRKKH team and india-forums members of yeh rishtha .

14 years ago

YRKKH ur days are numbered........hehehehehehehehehe............

14 years ago

congo yeh rishta. we all love rishta. we wish the entire team of rishta, especially karan and hina congo guys. we watch rishta because of u both. we love u both very much. we want to see u happy always. i pray god for u that. u will be the golden couple of indian television. we want to see beautiful scenes of u both. love u naksh. thank u rajan sir for giving such a wonderful story, but bring back the original concept of rishta. thank u very much congrats for u also rajan sir.

14 years ago

itz a wonderful show!.it doesn't feel like i m watching a show,it feels itz going on in reality nd i m a part of it..................itz so close to heart,without watching it i feel my day is incomplete.karan &hina r both very cute & wonderful

for d people who criticize this show i just waana say 1 thing
go to hell and why d hell u people bother to post ur comments over here,just to demolalise them and to gain attention.

and in d last i would say "ye rishta kya kehlata hai" rocks!!!!!!!!!!i wish them best of luck to go on &on forever

14 years ago

congrats to each n evry one of yrkkh team.............n all d best

14 years ago

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